Reopening of NWFP Universities after strict security steps

NWFP Universities reopened after strict security arrangements
Peshawar, Oct 29: The NWFP universities have been reopened on Wednesday after strict security arrangements. However, the attendances of the students were reported low on the first day as parents were reluctant to send their children to university in uncertain law and order situation. All the lateral entry points right from Dhobi Ghat Gate to Arbab Gate, Lalazar Gate and Professors Colony were closed to avert outsiders' entry into the campus. It was also decided that the new security instructions must also be applied on faculty and employees with different colours badges immediately for their identification.

The university administration has decided to allow entry to students into the campus after proper identification and students are required to keep their 'student identity cards' with them and ideally badge them on their chest to avoid any inconvenience. It was also decided not to permit any vehicle without campus entrance sticker and advised the students not to come in their personnel cars or vehicles. For this purpose the existing special intra campus shuttle service would be made more efficient so the students should have no inconvenience in time management for their classes and reaching on time.

Barbed-wire were put around the administration blocks of Peshawar University and NWFP Engineering University inside the campus and special security steps were taken to avert any untoward situation. The university administration also decided in closing all the intra-campus markets by 10:00pm in the night and allows students to enter their hostel after 09:00pm after proper verification and taking their entry on a register in order to keep their record. Special walk through gates and metal detector would be provided to all the security guards so as to make their job easier. Special cemented barricades would be erected at the entrance to the campus and respective departments and the gates would be closed by seven pm in the night apart from the main gate near PCSIR laboratory. F.P.Report

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Mind freckled by floods of angry emotion
Islamabad: In times of unimaginable tragedy, it is hard to judge outpourings of grief. The mind is freckled by floods of angry emotion. After having said this, I still feel disappointed that right after the International Islamic University (IIU) bombings one of the pictures I saw in the press was of a demonstration by the boys of the university upholding banners that were against the Kerry-Lugar bill. It seemed to me the significance of what had happened to these hapless students hadn't yet dawned on them.

The International Islamic University has absolutely nothing to do with the bill, and in any case the Taliban didn't bomb the university because they were convinced that the IIU had drafted it for John Kerry. Even at that time, in the aftermath of a senseless act it was difficult to acknowledge for people that the Taliban were utterly nihilistic in their aims.

It was a lost opportunity to honour the lives of the people lost, to say that Islam just doesn't allow any semblance of what the Taliban are doing. One of the students who died was Sidra, a young topper of the Rawalpindi board in the arts group. Her best friend who saw her die chillingly spoke of being unable to sleep, to remember the cold touch of her cheek when she was about to be buried. And the thirst for blood is so great, that the revenge is also taken from the absolutely innocent.

I wonder just how influential the Islami Jamiat Talba (IJT) is at the IIU. Recently one of their office-bearers gave a statement to the press that Blackwater is behind the wave of terror attacks in the country. This is purposeful and utterly extreme mischief. If Blackwater is in Pakistan, and I increasingly believe that one of its subsidiaries might, it should be sent packing. But not for the nonsense that the Jamiat is keen on having people believe.

Blackwater should be sent back, not because it may laughably be complicit in terror, but because the firm is trained in counter-insurgency in Iraq and has a trigger-happy reputation and is staffed reportedly by bigots, starting from the very top. What if a firm like Blackwater kills someone in Pakistan, how will the law apply? It's an invitation to flout our laws because we know the Americans won't allow a trial here, and it's already happening with incidents of foreigners being stopped and caught with illegal unlicensed weapons.

But, for a moment, even in our anger acknowledge that whatever firm the Americans may be using, they do need security and are acting in accordance with the directive, or at least philosophy of Rehman Malik and Shahbaz Sharif. Our rulers would extol the people of Swat to fight the Taliban, rather than doing something about it themselves. They are saying that educational institutions must protect themselves rather than the government increasing general security. With this trend, all the Americans are doing is the same. If the government will not protect the people (only itself by buying more and more bullet-proof cars), then the Americans will have to use private contractors.

But every argument that concerns legitimate internal concerns, say Americans with automatic weapons in the country, the Taliban or literally anything else, is increasingly hijacked and overtaken into vapid and vacuous arguments that sidestep the real issues. Without realising it, or maybe they do, but these right-wingers are hurting our country by making everything into issues of national pride or patriotism.

And this patriotism is hurting us because it is made by disingenuous people. It doesn't reflect what this country should stand for. If we believed all our citizens have a right to life, we would be more incensed by the IIU bombing than we really are.

Let me give an example of this confusion. In a recent letter to the editor a young man wrote about his educational institution in Faisalabad where a couple were sitting under a tree. Security came and shaved the heads of both the man and woman. The writer of the letter was honest to admit that he was fearful and couldn't speak up for two innocent people. But one reason people stay quiet is that they somehow believe that the tyrants who were shaving the heads of the couple may have been morally right. That's the confusion of the myth-making we are creating in this country. If we had a real sense of values we wouldn't think twice about speaking up for that poor duo because we knew others would share the sentiment. What crime was committed between two people sitting and doing nothing wrong in an open space?

In LUMS a girl is making news for her campaign against public displays of affection. Let us grant her the right to do so for argument's sake, but the manner in which she did so is nothing less than hypocritical and reflects a tyrant in the making. By taking pictures of people secretly and promising to more and distributing them on email lists, I wonder if she is convinced Allah appointed her as the guardian to invade people's privacy by being holier than thou.

I wonder if she took a break from her voyeurism activism to lead a rally against the Taliban after the IIU bombing. Which is more important now? -Fasi Zaka-

USWA seeks compensation for IIUI blast victims
Islamabad: University Staff Welfare Association (USWA) of International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) has sought compensation for victims of the twin blasts that occurred at the varsity premises on October 20.

Terming the incident tragic and inhuman, USWA urged the government to announce compensation for the students, who lost their lives or sustained injuries in the incident, which claimed eight lives.

In a meeting that held here Wednesday under the chairmanship of President USWA Chaudhary Nazir, participants prayed that may Allah Almighty rest the departed souls in peace and bless the injured with good health soon, said a press release.

They said that Rector IIUI Prof Fateh Muhammad Malik and President Dr Anwar Hussain Siddiqui are already in contact with the government for the compensation grant and hoped that the government would respond to their demand soon.

Others who addressed the meeting included General Secretary USWA Mahmood Ahmed Abbasi, Senior Vice President Sardar Khan, Vice President Chan Zeb Tanoli, Press Secretary Chaudhary Asif and Finance Secretary Farah Riaz Alvi. The news

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UoP B.A, B.Sc nursing results
Peshawar: University of Peshawar has announced results of B.A, B.Sc and B.Sc Nursing examination 2009 for the Internally Displaced Persons of Malakand Division. A total of 350 students appeared in the examinations out of which 83 were declared successful and the overall success ratio remained 24 percent. It is pertinent to mention here that majority of students from Malakand and Swat areas appeared in the first examination held for them, however, those who could not appear in that were provided alternative arrangements at Jahanzeb College Saidu Sharif Swat and Government Degree College Saidu Sharif Swat. F.P.Report

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Malakand University unveils exams schedule
Peshawar: The controller of examinations of the University of Malakand on Wednesday notified that MA/MSc regular/late college and private annual examinations 2009 would commence from November 12.

A notification of the varsity said roll number slips of late college and private candidates had been dispatched on October 19 on their permanent addresses, while for regular students the same would be issued to the colleges concerned on October 29 (today).

All regular college students are directed to contact their respective colleges for roll number slips and the late college students and private candidates should contact their nearest post offices.

Moreover, roll numbers have been uploaded on the university website and can be searched by name/father's name and/or registration number. Furthermore, if a candidate did not receive his/her roll number slip up to October 28 through post, then he/she could contact the university on any working day during office hours after October 28.

The candidates can, however, go to their allotted examination centres without having a hard copy of his/her roll number slip issued by the examination section but a reference to the roll number/centre provided on the university website must be given by the candidate to the superintendent of the examination centre. Moreover, the original national identity card must be presented to the superintendent of the examination centre for identification. The news

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Special weapon permits for school watchmen
Lakki Marwat: The local administration would issue special weapon permits to watchmen and gatekeepers of government-run educational institutions in the district.

"The watchmen and gatekeepers should be vigilant and attentive and they should keep an eye on suspected persons," an official said during a meeting of the district administration and heads of educational institutions here on Wednesday.

Participants discussed different procedures for security of schools and colleges in the prevailing law and order situation. A guideline in written form was provided to the principals and headmasters wherein they were directed not to allow entry of public vehicles inside their institutions or parking of private vehicles outside schools and colleges.

It was said that students and visitors must be thoroughly checked on entering into the institutions and students should not be allowed to go out in groups. The administrators of schools and colleges were directed to purchase detectors and activate security system for regular checking and getting prompt information about entrance of any suspected person in their respective institutions.

According to the contents of the guideline, the students and staff members should display identity cards and the heads of institutions should keep close coordination with the district administration and police department.

The district administration officials asked the educational institutions to launch awareness campaign among students about security measures including avoiding rush outside the institutions. The sweepers should remove used plastic bags round the clock and monitors should check dustbins in classrooms on daily basis.

Heads of institutions were directed to avoid holding examinations or training sessions for students in the present security situation. Dawn

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