Sindh position holders educational trip to Punjab

Sindh position holders to go on Punjab educational trip
Karachi, Oct 6: The students who attained top positions in different boards in Sindh will go on a Punjab tour and would be the ambassadors of their province during the visit, said Sindh Minister for Education and Literacy Pir Mazharul Haq while addressing a ceremony hosted in honour of 21 position holders, by Sindh Education Dept at a local hotel.

"We are proud of the position holders. The Sindh Education Department would invite the position holders of Punjab Education Boards to visit Sindh. I appreciate the teachers and parents of the position holders and the achievements are a result of their joint efforts," said Pir Mazhar.

The position holders along with educationists left for the trip on Monday (today) morning. They are scheduled to visit historical places and prominent educational institutions during the visit which has been offered by the Punjab government.

On the occasion, Sindh government also honoured the position holders with cash prizes, appreciation certificates and shields. The news

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Criticism of co-education: Saudi scholar sacked
Riyadh: Senior Saudi scholar Sheikh Saad Al Shethry, a member of the government-sanctioned Saudi Supreme Committee of (Islamic) Scholars, who has openly criticised co-education at a new $10 billion university, has been removed from his position by King Abdullah.

The royal order gave no reason for the action, but the decision came after Shethry publicly criticised co-education at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. The university, located north of Jeddah, is part of King Abdullah's plan to equip Saudi Arabia to conduct advanced scientific research. Sheikh Saad bin Nasser Al Shethry was first reported to have resigned from the board of the Council of Senior Clerics.

The move came after Sheikh Shethry publicly criticised the newly opened university and its curriculum. "We are looking at some of the sciences that have included some irregular and alien ideologies, like evolution and such other ideologies," the daily Al-Watan quoted him as saying last week in response to a viewer's question on Al-Majd television channel.

He also recommended setting up Sharia committees at the university to oversee these studies and look into what violates the Sharia, the newspaper quoted him as saying.

He demanded an end to co-ed classes in the university. "Mixing is a great sin and a great evil," Al Shethry was quoted as saying by Al-Watan. "When men mix with women, their hearts burn and they will be diverted from their main goal (which is) ... education."

The post-graduate institution has been projected as a "beacon of tolerance".

More than 800 students from 61 countries have enrolled at the university which aims to expand to around 2,000 students within eight to 10 years. Of the total, 15 per cent will be Saudis, university officials have said. Dawn

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Poverty eradication must to boost literacy
Karachi: Sindh Senior Minister for Education and Literacy Pir Mazhar-ul-Haq has said that it is imperative to spread education in order to eradicate poverty and illiteracy from society.

He was speaking in a seminar held at local hotel to celebrate the World Teachers' Day, here on Monday. He said the government is taking steps to ensure better facilities to teachers including allowances, medical, residential and recreational facilities and steps for a better future of their children.

Provincial Minister said that teachers have always been respected in our is termed a noble profession, as all Prophets themselves were teachers of mankind. He said it is on the government priority to revive a due social status for teachers. He said all teachers in the province would be provided with all basic facilities including good salaries and allowances, he added. He said that we face shortage of teachers in schools and colleges in rural areas; however, now comparatively more teachers are willingness to serve in these areas. "I request to all educators and educational institutions to come forth and promote education in rural areas, which would be greatly helpful for country's prosperity and development."

Pir Mazhar-ul-Haq said his that his mother was also a teacher and due to her efforts, he and his brother acquired higher social positions. He said in past teachers used to get promotions on political basis; however, we have changed this tradition and transfers and promotions in education sector now are being carried out on merit.

He said a summary has been forwarded to Sindh Chief Minister for increase in pay scales of teachers to make them par with teachers' pay scales in other provinces. Special Assistant to Prime Minister Begum Shehnaz Wazir Ali, Member National Assembly Nafeesa Shah, Education Secretary Rizwan Memon, and a large number of teachers attended the moot. The nation

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Flowing into the realm of calligraphy
Karachi: Cultural exchanges are always a welcome sight in this entertainment-starved city. As such, it was a pleasant happening when the first cultural envoy in 30 years from the USA came to Karachi to collaborate with the Thespianz Theatre. The play, titled, "Water Calligraphy", was staged at the PACC on Sunday and Monday evenings.

The envoy, Dr Kanta Kochhar-Lindgren, is an Associate Professor at the University of Washington and an expert in performing arts, dance, theatre, teaching studio classes, directing, and choreography. It was no surprise when the organisers announced that she had been handed the chair of director for the play and choreographing the dance sequences. She even wrote part of the story for the play.

The play, a dance theatre, was about the importance of water and our apathetic attitude towards this precious commodity. It integrated western singing and modern dancing with theatre.

The play started with a multitude of characters moving about the stage in premeditated paths. The Calligraphy Man was depicted as an old man who tries to do calligraphy on the ground using water. Aban and Bahaar are two close friends in search of something to do that would bring them the riches but they are often at odds with each other over the morality of their actions.

Abida and Mehreen are aunt and niece, who live in New York. They are infatuated with collecting junk and deciphering their stories. As much as this irks her aunt, Mehreen does what she wants. While deciding what to do with her junk and their stories, she dreams of the water going dry. This prompts her to call her friend Bahaar and Aban and urge them to do something to conserve water.

The cast included Osama Ghazai, Mehreen Hashmi, Qurut-ul-ain Shamim, Haseeb Aslam, Hamid Malik, Mudasir, Alamgir Khan and Zeeshan Hussain. Three dancers employed in the performance included Alamgir Khan, Arfeen Iqbal and Sikander while vocals for the accompanying songs were provided by Shahzaib Waheed Khan.

Having just got into town nine days earlier, the lack of time for preparation and perhaps a language barrier between Dr Kochhar-Lindgren, the actors struggled with their speech and made it difficult to grasp the performance. The news

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Egyptian scholar asks student to remove veil
Cairo: Egypt's leading cleric ordered a student to remove her face veil while he was visiting an academy linked to the Al Azhar University in Cairo, an Egyptian newspaper reported on Monday.

Mohammed Tantawi, Azhar's Grand Imam, asked the student to take off her veil when he spotted her in a classroom, the daily Al-Mary al-Yowm reported, adding that the student complied.

Mr Tantawi reportedly said the niqab was a tradition, not an Islamic obligation.

The newspaper also reported that the Minister for Higher Education Hani Hilal decided to ban women wearing the niqab from entering university residences.

Most Muslim women in Egypt wear the hijab, a veil that covers the hair, but an increase in women wearing the niqab has apparently alarmed the government.

The ministry of religious endowments has distributed booklets in mosques against the practice.

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Islamkot's only girls school a victim of neglect
Mithi: Expressing concern over the shortage of teachers and class rooms in the Government Girls High School, Islamkot, the residents demanded funds for the construction of additional class rooms and repair of the dilapidated building and also called for inducting female teachers for smooth functioning.

Virjimal, Khilumal, Khushhaldas, Mubarak, Abdul Latif and others said on Monday that more than 375 girls were enrolled there. This was the only girls' school in the area, they said adding that out of seven female teachers only four were conducting the classes and three were on deputation in Chelhar and Mithi.

Teachers take lessons beneath the trees due to the shortage of class rooms, the school building is in dilapidated condition and also lacks bathroom facility, they said.

Dust is eating 16 computers because of unavailability of an instructor, students are suffering due to the absence of a science teacher, road passing through the school is in shambles with yawning gutters and heaps of rubbish adorning the school. Dawn

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Four education officials arrested in Dadu
Dadu: Four officials of the Sindh Education Department were arrested on corruption charges here on Monday.

The anti-corruption department has been conducting raids to arrest more than 30 education officials, who are booked under sections 467, 468, 161 and 34 PPC. Those arrested are Superintendent Muhammad Bachal Abro, Accountant Badruddin Memon, Head Clerk Aftab Mallah and Senior Clerk Hayat Burdi.

The raids were conducted on the directive of newly appointed Anti-Corruption Chairman Mir Muhammad Parhar, who had ordered reopening of corruption cases against education officials. The anti-corruption police, led by its circle officer Mukhtiar Soomro, conducted raids on the offices of the EDO, the DO and the ADO education, confiscating all record related to embezzlement of Rs5 million fund of the School Management Committee.

The raids were being conducted to arrest as many as two EDOs, five DOs, 10 ADOs and more than 20 low grade employees of the Education Department. The news

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