FG Postgraduate commerce college classroom brawl

Classroom brawl ends in taking one life
Islamabad: A brawl between two students over a seat in the classroom of a city college ended in an armed clash on Thursday in which one student was killed and another seriously wounded, police said.

Inam Abbasi, 22, died of a bullet that pierced through his chest while his friend Adeel Azkar, also 22, was lying in intensive care unit with a bullet lodged in his neck.

Police have registered a murder case against Mohammad Wasif, who had fought with Azkar over the classroom seat three days ago, and his friends. They had fled the scene after the shooting.

All three were students of the Federal Government Postgraduate Commerce College in Sector H-8/4. Students who saw the two stick-wielding rival groups clash a little distance from the college ran for safety when shots rang out at the scene.

Some, however, turned back on seeing Azkar and Inam fall to the ground. Both were taken to a hospital where doctors declared Inam dead and put Azkar in intensive care.

This brought the students of the college out on the road protesting the violence. They blocked the Islamabad Highway but were persuaded by police to clear the road.

Police said the scuffle over the seat was settled inside the classroom the same day. But Azkar, son of an assistant sub-inspector of police, and his friends allegedly waylaid and beat up Wasif and his friends outside the college after classes ended. It blamed the college administration for not taking any disciplinary action against its quarrelling students.

Wasif, according to the police, stayed from college for a few days nursing his wounds.

On Thursday, he and his friend allegedly lay in ambush near OPF College, waiting for his tormentors. When Azkar appeared with his friends there they attacked them.

A clash then followed which ended in an exchange of fire, according to the police.

Ikarm-ul-Haq, brother of Inam, however said that Inam had no part in the brawl and, in fact, had reconciled his two classmates. He claimed his brother received several calls from Wasif's group for a meeting between the elders of the two sides to avoid any flare up in the future.

It turned out that he was duped into a fatal trap, he said. Ikram claimed witnesses saw about 10 students dragging his brother away and shooting him in the chest.

ASI Azkar Hussain said that he did not know about the classroom brawl three days ago. "However, it was foolish of the young blood to take anger to such extreme," he said.

His son was in a stable condition and had talked to him.

Doctors attending his son feared that the boy might lose his speech if they tried to remove the bullet lodged in his neck through surgery. They may take a decision on Friday. Dawn

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FDE teachers threaten closure of institutions
Islamabad: Feeling humiliated and betrayed after the eleventh hour postponement of 'Salaam Teachers Day', teachers of the Federal Government Colleges have threaten to close down the academic institutions if their demands are not met within ten days as promised by the Federal Ministry of Education.

In a meeting of Federal Government Teachers Association of Pakistan (FGTAP) held here on Thursday, the teachers severely criticized the government for betraying teachers and not fulfilling their promises regarding the announcement of special package for the federal government teachers on that particular day.

"Special package for the teachers' longstanding demand of up-gradation was likely to be announced on that particular day but these entire announcements proved to be nothing but an eye wash," said FGTAP President Azhar Mahmood Awan.

According to the package, teachers from Islamabad Colleges for Boys and Girls, Islamabad Model Colleges for Boys and Girls and Federal Government Schools and Colleges were to be up-graded under the time scale promotion formula (TSPF).

The FGTAP president said that teachers were already going through a tough time due to the recent cut in house rent and now they are not given the up-gradation in their scales for which they were very hopeful. "There are dozens of teachers who are working for more than two decades in the same scale but nobody has ever bothered to listen to their problems and also to solve them," he said.

Akbar Jan on the occasion said that whenever there is some campaign like election campaign or polio campaign, teachers are forced to take part in it but when there is some time to acknowledge them, everybody seems to forget their contributions. "We are the only one who serve ourselves in different national causes besides imparting knowledge to the future of country but we are also the one whose demands are seldom met," she said.

She said if the government was not having funds for the payment of increased salaries to the teachers right now then it should at least announce it at the moment and implement it from July 2011. "Ministry of Education Secretary Mohammad Athar Tahir has asked us to wait for ten days and if our demands are not met within ten days then we would not remain silent as we did in the past," she said.

FGTAP Vice President Salma Hassan said that every society respects their teachers but we were humiliated instead. "The organizers of Salaam Pakistan have made several excuses for the postponement of the event. Sometimes they said prime minister was not available and sometimes they said minister was not available. But the actual reason was that they don't want to raise the status of the teachers," she added.

Mirza Abdul Rashid on the occasion said that this time they would not remain silent at any cost and would fight until their demands are met. "Those sitting in power corridors should not take us lightly and should listen to our demands. We will also knock every possible door for our rights," he said.

Naeem Khalid said that those who are enjoying the highest ranks are given all the incentives irrespective of the economic condition of the country but whenever it comes to teachers, the government makes different excuses. On the occasion teachers also held a protest demonstration against the cut in house rent and demanded of the government to release the amount for the house rent as soon as possible besides addressing to their other demands.

Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) Director General (DG) Shaheen Khan on the occasion appeared quite nervous. She also fumed at teachers when they announced to close down the academic institutions if their demands are not met. "Such decisions should not be taken at once. We are trying to facilitate teachers in every possible way and hopeful that the demands of teachers would soon be met," she said. The news

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Report for giving primary education in mother tongue
Rawalpindi: Primary education in Pakistan should be imparted in mother tongue as children learn more when the medium of communication is same at home and school. This was the main recommendation of a British Council report, 'Teaching and Learning in Pakistan: The Role of Language in Education', launched at Fatima Jinnah Women University on Thursday. "Only 5pc of Pakistanis have access to education in their first language," the report said.

The council this year commissioned Hywel Coleman, OBE Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the School of Education in University of Leeds, to undertake a review of Pakistan's English language teaching policies and practices. Coleman's report is the result of over six months of research and analysis, including two extensive trips to Pakistan.

The launching ceremony was attended by a panel of distinguished educationists, representatives of Higher Education Commission (HEC), the Society of Pakistani English Language Teachers (Spelt) and others.

Majority of the participants agreed that mother language as medium of instruction could be beneficial as it would reinforce education by involving parents in the education of children and instilling a sense of belonging in 'linguistic minorities'.

"There are no barriers in comprehension when education is provided in the mother tongue as formulation of basic concepts take place in the same language," the report said. In Pakistan, it said primary language of instruction is Urdu, which is first language of only 6.8 per cent of the population. The repot said Punjabi is the mother tongue of 49.3 per cent, followed by Pushto 12 per cent, Sindhi 11.7 per cent, Balochi 3.6 per cent and Brahui at 1.3 per cent.

The report said making connections between sounds of a language and signs on a written page were more effective when repeated often. "Children can relate their learning in school with their home environment, the games they play, the TV programmes they watch, their interaction with other students if all of this is in the same language. All communities feel equally respected if their home languages are employed," the report said.

It said using a language in schools which students have difficulty in understanding led to political and social instability and conflict. It said Pakistan was one of 11 countries "with high levels of 'fragility of conflict' and one of 19 countries with high linguistic fractionalisation".

The report said choice of first language affected educational attendance, performance and "explains half of the reason for low retention rates". It said children were likely to achieve greater proficiency in English if they first study in their home language and then study English as a foreign or second language.

The report recommended that after initial education in mother tongue, "from class three to five Urdu is introduced and gradually replaces regional language as the language of instruction."

It added: "English is studied as a main subject for four years up to grade 9. At class 10 English becomes medium of instruction with Urdu and regional languages become subjects." Dawn

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Conference on English teaching
Rawalpindi: The Islamabad Chapter of the Society of Pakistan English Language Teachers (SPELT) will hold its 26th SPELT International Annual Conference in collaboration with Oxford University Press and Fatima Jinnah Women University from October 22 to 24. In the three-day conference, more than 70 international and national experts will deliver lectures and conduct workshops on various aspects of English Language Teaching.

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Quaideen fundraiser on 29th
Islamabad: Quaid-i-Azam University Alumni Association (QAUAA) would organise 'Quaideen Family Festival & Job Fair 2010' for fundraising in order to assist students of flood- hit areas of the country on October 29 at premises of Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad.

QAUAA General Secretary Murtaza Noor while talking to this agency informed that this would also bring various banks, multinational companies, research institutes, NGOs, and government departments to introduce their programmes and provide job opportunities to the students, he said. He said that alumni association members from across the country would participate in the event with their families.

He said that festival is a joint effort of Quaideen Intellectual Forum and QAUAA. QAUAA is the official Alumni Association of Quaid-i-Azam University, No.1 university of the country and second in OIC countries.

QAU Alumni Association, a non-profitable voluntary organisation established by the old students of Quaid-i-Azam University to have a social and interactive forum. Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad and Quaid-i-Azam University Alumni Association have already signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to extend cooperation for the benefit of the present and old students. The news

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COMSATS participates in 5th ICMHESR
Islamabad: A delegation of the Commission on Science and Technology for the Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS), headed by COMSATS Executive Director Dr Imtinan Elahi Qureshi, attended the opening ceremony of the 5th Islamic Conference of Ministers of Higher Education and Scientific Research (ICMHESR) held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from October 19 to 21.

The Conference is being hosted by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Ministry of Higher Education, and Ministry of Education of the Government of Malaysia. Forty-eight countries are participating in this high-profile international event. The two-member delegation of COMSATS was invited to attend the Conference as representatives from international organizations/institutions. The Islamic Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) and the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) have been organizing ICMHESR since 2000 in collaboration with the institutions in the host countries, Saudi Arab, Libya, Kuwait, Azerbaijan and now Malaysia, said a press release.

The ICMHESR was inaugurated on October 19 by Tan Sri Dato' Muhyiddin Yassin, Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. This Conference has been given the theme 'Enculturation of Quality in Academia, Research and Innovation towards Prosperity of Ummah'. Daily times

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