KU BBA, BPA, Commerce aptitude test

KU announces aptitude test dates
Karachi, Oct 28: Admission Committee, Karachi University (KU) 2011, has announced that the aptitude test for admissions in BBA/BPA/Commerce will be held on October 30th, 2010. Candidates are directed to reach their centres at 8:30 am sharp. Thirteen centres have been arranged for 6,000 candidates, who are likely to appear in the test. For the guidance of candidates and their parents, all details of the seating arrangement have been uploaded on the official website of KU, www.uok.edu.pk whereas, panaflex placed on the Silver Jubilee Gate and Maskan will also help them in confirming their respective centres.

As per details, candidates bearing form numbers from 0001 1387 will be seated in Block 1 (Department of General History), 1388- 2722 in Block 2 (Department of Economics), 2723 3983 in Block 3 (Department of Islamic History), 3986 4716 in Block 4 (Department of Islamic learning), 4717-5512 in Block 5 (Department of Mathematics), 5513-6039 in Block 6 (Department of Geology), 6040-6831 in Block 7 (Department of Physics), 6832-7326 in Block 8 (Department of Zoology), 7327-7807 in Block 9 (Department of Chemistry), 7809-8311 in Block 10 (Department of Botany), 8313-8738 in Block 11 (Department of Applied Physics), 8739-9281 in Block 12 (Department of Physiology) and 9282-10001 in Block 13 (Department of Statistics).

Those who will enter from Silver Jubilee Gate will have to park their vehicles in the Hockey Ground whereas candidates entering from Staff Gate should avail the parking lot arranged beside the Centre of Excellence for Women's Studies. The parking ground besides the Administration Block is reserved for those who will enter from the Maskan Gate. It is pertinent to note that candidates of Block 1, 2, and 3 should enter from the Silver Jubilee Gate; candidates of Block 4, 5, 6 and 7 should enter from the staff gate whereas the rest can enter from the Maskan Gate.

KU extends date for submission of admission forms: Director Admissions, KU, has announced that those candidates who have bought the admission form of BBA/BPA/Commerce/BS Bio-Technology(1st Year)/MBA/MPA but could not submit due to various reasons can submit the forms on Thursday and Friday (28th and 29th October) in the office of the Admission Committee.

KUTS Annual Function: Karachi University Teacher's Society is organizing the Annual Function on Thursday October 28th 2010 at Sheikh Zayad Auditorium, KU at 11:30 am. Vice Chancellor, Pirzada Qasim will be the chief guest. This is the first time when all the retired teachers of Karachi University have been invited.

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Zardari seeks resolution of Karachi Grammar School issue
Karachi: President Asif Ali Zardari has taken notice of the impending commercialization of the area around the Karachi Grammar School (KGS), Junior Section, and has instructed Sindh government to look into this matter, it was learnt on Wednesday.

Following the President's directives, a high-level meeting under the chairmanship of the Chief Secretary, Sindh, Ghulam Ali Shah Pasha, was held at the Sindh Secretariat on Wednesday.

Various aspects came up for discussion. The participants were reportedly informed that over 22 streets had been declared commercialized which was sure to increase traffic congestion in the locality. It was stated that the school had received threats last year and the commercialization should also be looked from this perspective. The views about the environmental hazards arising from the commercialisation were also reportedly exchanged. Legal issues or legal lacunae behind declaring certain areas commercial were also debated. One of the views purportedly came under discussion was as to whether the area could be declared as de-commercialized and as to whether the Administrator, Karachi, was empowered to do so.

Some of the participants were of the view that City Council was entitled to declare and de-notify any area as commercial or non-commercial. Some of the participants reportedly opined that they should not become specific to any area or institution, when it comes to the issue of commercialization. Instead the decisions should be across the board.

Participants were of the unanimous view that since the matter was pending in the Sindh High Court (SHC), any decision in this regard would be taken in view of the judgment of the court as reportedly around six petitions were pending there.

It was stated that the SHC had issued instructions to Sindh Environmental Protection Agency (Sepa) to carry out Environmental Impact Assessment (AIA) on October 14, 2010. The committee of experts concerned was formed whose report may be submitted to the SHC soon.

Meanwhile, the Secretary, Local Government, Khurshid Naeem Malik, one of the participants of the meeting said that Sindh government was not in favour of the commercialisation of the area.

Secretary, Home, Arif. A. Khan; Secretary, Environment and Alternative Energy, Mir Hussain Ali; Director-General, Sepa, Naeem Ahmed Mughal; Secretary, Law, G.N. Shah; EDO, Master Plan of the CDGK, Iftikhar Ali Kaimkhani; Secretary, Education, Alam Din Buloo; Principal, KGS, G.C. Platts; KGS lawyer Abdul Rehman; Secretary Implementation, Muhammad Ayub Sheikh; TPO Clifton, Tariq Dharejo; KBCA chief Manzoor Qadir; senior police officer, Sardar Abdul Majid; and others attended the meeting.

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Debate competition at JUW
Karachi: An Inter-departmental competition was held at the Jinnah University For Women (JUW) on Wednesday, where the Vice Chancellor, Dr Riaz Ahmed Hashmi stated to the students that reading is the best pastime for everyone, especially students who want to acquire knowledge and increase the understanding of culture and society of any country. He said that reading should not be confined to only receiving a degree, and then erasing the knowledge from ones mind.

He also reminded the students that keen observation and ability to preserve required information which can be used at appropriate occasions is what the methodology should be for the students who want to gain knowledge. This, he said, can be the hallmark of a university student.

Many departments of the university took part in the competition which is a part of the evaluation and training process required by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) to help the students gaining proficiency in spoken Urdu and English language.

Judges Dr Nisar Ahmed Zuberi, Prof Parveen Zahid adjudged Rida Ehsan of the Commerce Department as the best debater followed by Elia Naqvi and Taskeen Fatima from the Department of Biochemistry. The news

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Machine installed at LUMHS lab to diagnose osteoporosis
Hyderabad: The Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences (LUMHS) has made an important addition to its Diagnostic and Research Laboratory (DRL) by installing dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) machine at a cost of Rs10 million to diagnose osteoporosis disease " the condition of brittle bones caused especially by hormonal changes or deficiency of calcium or vitamin D.

The DRL functions at Civil Hospital Hyderabad and the test would cost a patient Rs1000 which, otherwise, is being done in the market at Rs 3,000. According to Professor Dr Khaleeq Ahmed Siddiqui of orthopaedic ward, the machine would be utilised for five different research projects of the university.

He said that the machine would help detect indication of disease much before it afflicts the patient and put him in trouble due to severe weakness of bones. It is first public sector hospital where it is installed, he said.

The disease is caused due to derangement of metabolism among people and a large number of people in the society suffer from it despite the fact that they have exposure to sunlight and have intake of vitamin-D, he said.

He said that multiple factors contribute to osteoporosis. Dawn

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