Sleepy at college | QAU VC jailed

Feeling sleepy at college?
Islamabad, Oct 30: Between studying and socialising at all hours, college students often struggle with a lack of sleep and fatigue.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers these suggestions:

Today's Health Tips

* Don't rely on caffeine, nicotine and other stimulants, as they can impact your sleep even hours later.

* Create a good environment for sleep, such as turning off bright lights and drowning out loud noise.

* Schedule waking and bedtime hours, and stick to your schedule during the week and on weekends.

* Talk to a doctor if you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep.

* Avoid staying up all night to study.

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VC jailed - just for fun and fund
Islamabad: Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU) Vice Chancellor Dr. Masoom Yasinzai was put behind bars for a few minutes just for fun and fund.

The occasion was the 'Quaidian Family Festival' organised by the Quaid-i-Azam University Alumni Association and the Quaidian Intellectual Forum to raise funds for the flood-hit students here on Friday.

Raja Akram-ul-Haq, secretary of the Ministry of Special Initiatives, who was the chief guest on the occasion, accompanied the vice chancellor. The festival organisers had set up a 'Quaidian Jail' where any visitor could get anybody arrested after paying an amount and the 'inmate' was only released after paying an amount.

All the money collected at the festival will be donated to the flood-affected students of the Quaid-i-Azam University.

The QAU vice chancellor could only manage Rs1,000, but the already-prepared federal secretary paid Rs5,000 for his release.

Only a few turned up at the stipulated time in the morning, but the event started getting momentum after Friday prayers. In the afternoon, the QAU football ground was bustling with activity though the number of existing students was many times more than the old students. Still, an alumni member could find some old friend at the venue.

Most stalls were related to education and research where students were guided on prospects of studies in and outside the country. Career counselling was the feature of some stalls. A stall was distributing books on civic education free of cost. Unlike other festivals and 'meena bazaars', out of 34 stalls, only three related to food items.

There was a stall of fortune-tellers where after seeing the hand of Professor Masoom Yasinzai, a palmist said that he had only one wife, whereas it was in everybody's knowledge on the campus that he has two. The VC said that soon after doing PhD in Chemistry, a palmist after getting four pounds in the UK 'informed' him that he would be a good lawyer. He told the palmist that whether I become a lawyer or not, you are a good liar.

Dr. Yasinzai was pleased to see the owner of Majeed Huts at the event, who is perhaps the oldest inmate of the university, and there is no one on the campus right from the early seventies who did not know him.

It was the first time that a gathering of existing and old students was organised for a cause. Future Quaidians, the kids, also accompanied many old students.

Haji Atta-ur-Rehman, a popular student of late seventies, was warmly welcomed by his old class-fellows. After seeing him, one of his old batch-mates yelled: "Baoo Jee, Baoo Jee, Baoo Jee, Bhangra Saday Naal Pao Jee."

Mansha Natt was another popular figure who after threatening many times that he would not come finally made to the festival in the end.

In a brief speech, the vice-chancellor appreciated the contribution of the QAU Alumni Association for supporting the university in arranging scholarships, providing assistance to flood victims, helping in setting up chairs at the QAU and organising functions.

The QAU is a real representative of Pakistan. It is a bouquet where every province, language and tune adorns it like a flower. Unity in diversity is thy name Quaid-i-Azam University.

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NUML refuses to follow PM's directives
Islamabad: A professor of National University of Modern Languages (NUML) has written to the prime minister complaining that the two-day salary for flood victims, as announced by the premier, has not been deducted from the employees of the GHQ-run varsity.

Tahir Malik's letter says: "I want to draw your (PM) attention to the callous attitude of NUML administration regarding its non-compliance with the directives of the office of the Prime Minister to donate two days salary for the flood victims. Unfortunately, at this critical juncture of history when the millions of people are homeless and starving, the NUML administration, in spite of my repeated verbal as well as written requests and reminders, has not paid heed to anything, conscience kept apart.

In fact, Academic Staff Association of NUML (ASA NUML) and NUML Employees Welfare Association (NEWA), both of which are elected representative bodies, have also been pressing the Rector and NUML administration to cut two days salary for the flood victims but it has not been done so far. It's a matter of great concern that when the whole world is shaken at a result of this catastrophe, our own institutions are not willing to extend their hands for the needy and hungry."

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Debates held at Bahria College
Islamabad: The leading institutions of the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad participated in the Inter-College Bilingual Debate contests held at the Bahria College, Naval Complex, Islamabad, says a press release.

The students dilated for and against the topics very impressively, which spoke volume of their intellectual growth and maturity of thoughts.

Commodore Syed Shahab Hamid Hashmi SI (M), Deputy Director Human Resources Bahria University Islamabad, was the chief guest on first day in Urdu Debate contest, while Commodore Jamil Akhtar SI (M), T Bt Commander North, and president managing committee, graced the occasion as chief guest on second day when the event of English Debates held.

Muhammad Rizwan of Army Public School and College, Rawalpindi, secured first prize in Urdu Debate, while Maria Jaffary of Army Public School & College, Rawalpindi, won first prize in English Debate. The trophy for the event was bagged by Army Public School & College, Rawalpindi.

Commodore Jamil Akhtar SI (M), T Bt, advised the students to focus more on the co-curricular activities specially in public speaking, which helps the students to establish confidence, logical thinking and approach.

Commodore Azhar Majeed Khan, Principal Bahria College Islamabad, expressed his gratitude to the participating teams and their teachers. The news

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Three-day alumni seminar on Pak-German universities starts
Islamabad: German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) organized a three-day alumni seminar 'Pakistani and German universities - Joining forces for a better future' here Friday, which was attended by Pakistani alumni of German universities and German scientists.More than 100 Pakistani alumni of German universities and 10 German distinguished scientists are gathering at the alumni seminar.In several workshops and plenary discussions focusing on various disciplines including biosciences, water resources, anthropology or conflict studies, the participants will discuss their latest research findings and explore possibilities of future cooperation and networking.

The programme includes - amongst many other topics - a multi-perspective view on the management of Pakistan's water resources, new solutions for the improvement of crop production, reports on cooperative projects in archaeology and anthropology and a plenary discussion on the topic 'Universities in transition - the German Humboldt system as a model for Pakistani higher education?'

Some 900 Pakistani students were funded by the DAAD, HEC or the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AvH). At present, a total of around 1,400 Pakistani graduates pursue graduate studies and research projects at German universities, many of them on their own expenses.

By the same token, Pakistan has been the destination for many German scientists and scholars, particularly in the fields of Anthropology, Geography and Oriental Studies.

Professor Dr. Georg Pfeffer (then professor at Heidelberg University) in 1974 assisted Professor Dr. Ahmad Hassan Dani in establishing the department of Anthropology at Quaid-i-Azam University.

In exchange, the Government of Pakistan is funding a professorship named 'Iqbal Chair' at the South Asian Institute of Heidelberg University. At present, Prof. Dr. Sayed Wiqar Ali Shah, a historian from Quaid-i-Azam University, is holding this position.

The academic exchange gained momentum when the HEC launched its oversea scholarship schemes in 2004. So far, more than 300 of their scholars have been sent to Germany. More than 60 of these HEC scholars have already returned to Pakistan after their PhD graduation.

Since March 2010, DAAD is running an office in Islamabad which offers information and guidance to graduates and scientists with the purpose to study or do research in Germany. app

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Stipends for seminary students
Lakki Marwat: Administrators of the religious seminaries of Lakki Marwat have expressed concern over delay in release of scholarships and stipends to the students.

In a joint press statement on Friday, they said the delay in release of funds had added to the miseries of madressah students.

They said the federal government had released funds to the provincial government but the latter was reluctant to release the same to the district zakat bodies for disbursement among the students of religious seminaries. Dawn

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