KU PhD degree for (Abdur) Rehman Malik

KU to award honorary PhD degree to (Abdur) Rehman Malik
Karachi, Oct 1: The Karachi University in recognition of the services of Federal Interior Minister (Abdur) Rehman Malik to fight against terrorism in the country has decided to award him an honorary degree of PhD. The university in this regard has gotten approval of Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ebad. Karachi University VC Dr Pirzada Qasim took decision of awarding the degree to (Abdur) Rehman Malik in appreciation of his services. Rehman Malik had been a student of the university in 1973. The honorary degree awarding ceremony will be held in the Governor House here and Governor Ebad will award him the degree.

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LLB exam results
Hyderabad: The University of Sindh has announced the results of the LLB part-I annual examination of 2010. Of the 1556 candidates from affiliated law colleges, 1084 were declared to have passed in all subjects and 362 failed.

The university's examination wing has withheld the result of 78 candidates for various reasons. Dawn

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School on wheels
Karachi: Twenty five students, dressed up in their best clothes, hunched with bags hung on their tiny shoulders, walked in a single file and seated themselves in a yellow bus, with 'the Flying Classroom' splashed over it. Excitedly, they chanted poems lauding Pakistan at the top of their lungs.

'The Flying Classroom' is a collaboration of the Thespianz Foundation and Goethe-Institut where by a bus has been purchased and converted into a mobile classroom. The idea is to provide education to students who do not have a school in their neighbourhood.

Currently, only one bus was functioning in Akhtar Colony, but there were plans for expanding the project to two more locations, including Mehmoodabad, said Kashif Paracha, the programme manager at Goethe-Intitut, on Friday.

The school will function four days a week, from 9am till 1pm, and theatre will be introduced to students who for the time being are studying English, Urdu, Maths, Science and Islamiat. For minorities, Social Sciences as a subject is also available. Admissions for the programme are still ongoing and parents have been provided with contact numbers at the colony for enrolment.

During the inauguration ceremony at Goethe-Institut, the consul general of Germany, Dr Tilo Klinner, said that "the project is important because learning is important". He added that the project was "marvelous" because school came to children and not the other way round.

In a heart-to-heart conversation with students, he narrated how his daughter would always ask him why she had to go to school every day, and he would always reply "you will know when you grow up".

"Sometimes school may be difficult, but it will help you in life. If you go to school you will learn things which help you become a good citizen and a well-rounded person, hardworking individual," he said to the youngsters. The news

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