AKU-EB first SSC exams: Girls take top positions

KARACHI, Sept 14: Aga Khan University Examination Board (AKU-EB) celebrated the success of the best performing students in its first SSC Composite Examinations in a ceremony held here on Thursday.

This first awards event of AKU-EB was well attended by dignitaries from the education sector, principals of AKU-EB affiliated schools, the award winning students and their parents.

Top performing students in the SSC examinations were Sakina Aijaz Hussain from Al Murtaza School, Karachi, who achieved the overall first position with a percentage of 90.71.

She was followed by Mehwish Azher Javed from FFC Grammar School, Mirpur Mathelo and Lubna Essa from ETN High School, Karachi as joint second position holders with passing percentages of 89.06 each, and Muhammad Sheraz Ahmed who secured third position from Tameer-e-Millat School, Mianwali with 88.71 percentage. In addition to shields and certificates, these candidates were awarded cash prizes worth Rs 70,000. A total of 34 awards were presented to the best performing students, from schools across Pakistan.

The Chief Guest, Senator Roshan Bharucha, congratulated the students for their exceptional performance in an examination which places greater emphasis on the understanding and application of knowledge and aims to re-orient students away from rote learning and selective study. She appreciated the efforts of AKU-EB for its contribution towards improving the standards of education at the Senior Secondary School level by providing extensive teacher training workshops and inclusive school development initiatives.

Ambassador Saidullah Khan Dehlavi, Chairman, Board of Trustees of Aga Khan University appreciated the efforts of students, parents, schools and teachers for taking up the challenge of the first AKU-EB examinations. Ambassador Dehlavi also noted AKU-EB's memberships of the International Association for Educational Assessment (IAEA) and the Association of Commonwealth Examination and Accreditation Bodies (ACEAB).

AKU-EB offers a financially affordable examination system as an alternative to the examination boards in the public sector and is in accordance with the government's policy to introduce an independent examining body through public-private partnership. It intends to enhance public confidence in SSC and HSSC through a transparent and trustworthy examination system.The Nation

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"its good to hear all that ! THANX! "
Name: Hadia
City, Country: Mirpur, Pakistan

"i m the student of akueb and this is good news for us.....and may Allah make this organization in sucsses .thgank you...."
Name: angel
Email: sanabeby@live.com
City, Country: karachi, Pakistan

"please anyone send me the timetable of 9th akueb exams "
Name: syed ali hasan shah
Email: alikifayat@hotmail.com
City, Country: karachi, Pakistan

"I want to apply for the intermediate classes please any one tell me right option .... which school i will select... i must be affliated with akueb..."
Name: zaheer
Email: zaheer_cena@yahoo.com
City, Country: Gilgit, Pakistan

"This is a feed back that boys must workhard as they are left behind AS USUAL and Congratulations to all the position holders... & secondly i want to choose pre-medical , i want someone to guide please contact me at my email adress.. thank you !"
Name: Ubaid
Email: loyal890@yahoo.com
City, Country: Gilgit, Pakistan

"Yr U PeoPle R gReAt.....U StuDy AloT....ExEcElLeNt PerforMaNce...I SolUtE u All..Nd HopE GuD 4 My ReZulT....:) "
Name: Mustafa
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City, Country: Gilgit, Pakistan

"its good that some of the students are still good at studies in pakistan. just wait and watch whats the topper are doing next year when i will be affliated with this board "
Name: Asim
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City, Country: Gilgit, Pakistan

"very well MEHWISH AZHER. this time the position might be 4rm engro model school."
Email: zidane7032@yahoo.com
City, Country: engro corp daharki

"M.HAMZA. i just read ur comment right now.. sorry for a very very delayed reply. i just came across this site.. Thanks Alot for the wishes. and i do wish all the very best to engro students.. after all people have a very wrong perception about students like us living in "INTERIOR SINDH" and doubt our abilities.. Cheers.."
Name: Mehwish Azher
Email: mehwish.azher@gmail.com
City, Country: Mirpur Mathelo, Pakistan



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