Loot sale of BA degrees

ISLAMABAD, Sept 18, 2007: A 'loot sale' of BA degrees is being offered by the ruling Pakistan Muslim League (PML-Q) to its undergraduate female members who are interested to be elected on the reserve seats for the next assemblies, it was learnt reliably.

The scheme hit well as numerous applicants approached the concerned persons for getting the graduate degrees that will make them eligible for becoming assembly members. The enthusiastic women are still submitting their applications even after expiry of the deadline.

The sources in the ruling coalition told this scribe that a top female minister was the main motivator behind this scheme, whose own graduate degree got verification after moving the Supreme Court.

The process of 'pick and choose' future female MPs has been reportedly carried out in a place not other than the Prime Minister Secretariat. "It was coordinated by one of the top aids of Prime Minister, who has been in 'command' of the Province, where all such documents are available at the cheapest.

The minister, who is considered closest woman MP to the President Musharraf, made this offer to all women party members for winning their support against another faction in the ruling party and.

"If you want to get elected to the next assemblies, give us support in the party and leave the degree matter to me," a female leaguer who herself was offered by the PM's associate, quoted him as saying.

She narrated that when she responded to the 'honourable' negotiator that she does not have a graduation degree to be eligible for the National Assembly membership, he replied this was his job and they would provide degrees to all MPs, who would support them. The lady further said that a number of female Leaguers became personal friends of the particular women Minister and announced support for her after this offer.

"There is a long queue of such females now who are waiting for their degrees and then entry to the assemblies via selection on reserve seats," she maintained.

However, the source said the selection of favourite women leaguers was yet to be made final.

"The said minister is not yet hundred percent sure about the loyalty of these ladies and wants to test them a little more," said another source in the party.

He said the Minister needs time to decide about the 'deserving' ladies, who need her support in getting BA degrees.

When contacted the PML-Q women wing President Sumera Malik to get official version of the party on these reports, she did not respond despite several attempts. The Nation



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