BSc in crime studies for ASIs

LAHORE, Sept 19, 2007: Sihala Police Training College has been affiliated with the Punjab University (PU) and classes of BSc in criminal studies will start this year, inspector general of police (IGP) Ahmad Naseem said in a meeting at the Central Police Office (CPO) on Tuesday.

It was decided that only probationer assistant sub inspectors (ASIs) selected by the Punjab Public Service Commission would be given admission in the course.

The BSc criminal studies' syllabus would consist of Islamic/Pakistan/ and Ethics studies of 100 marks, English of 100 marks, Law-1 (Pakistan Panel Code (PPC), Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC), Law of Evidence of 100 marks, Law-2 (LSL, police rules, police orders of 100 marks), police practical work, theoretical training of 50 marks, forensic science and medical jurisprudence of 50 marks, introduction to behavioral science of 100 marks, introduction to criminology of 50 marks, Part-2 (field/practical training at police stations (2nd years), forensic techniques practical of 25 marks, PPW practical and filed report of 75 marks). Daily Times



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