British HC plans to issue 10 years visa for Pak immigrants

ISLAMABAD, Sep 14: Faced with 60 to 70 visa applications with forged passports every month, the British High Commission in Pakistan is determined to maintain a state-of-the-art immigration system in a bid to encourage genuine migrants and discourage illegal migration.

In a detailed briefing to the media on the new visa regime, Director Visa Services Alexandra Pond disclosed that once the ratio of illegal applications drops down after introduction of biometrics data capturing and passport reading machine, the British High Commission would be issuing ten years visa for Pakistani immigrants.

"Previously we have not been issuing five-year and ten-year multiple entry visas, in the given circumstances but after having our anti-forgery mechanism in place, we would be issuing these long-term visas to the genuinely qualifying candidates," Pond said.

To a questioner assuming this long-term visa could be to facilitate Pakistani politicians preferring to make their base camps in London, she said, "I can understand what you are getting at, but I am not in a position to comment on that."

The briefing covered issues including changes to the visa process that also necessitates temporary closure of the High Commission Islamabad, and Deputy High Commission Karachi from September 19 to 26.

September 27 onward, the visa applicants would be having one window as well as one-bite service at four centres in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, and Mirpur as the High Commission would be outsourcing its biometrics to its sole applications handling agent Gerry's.

According to visa officials at the British High Commission, there were some illegal agents and consultants that facilitate their clients with forged passports, fake educational certifications, fictitious bank statements, untrue entrepreneurship and other materials required in a visa application. Other than buying fake passports, they informed the media that illegal applicants also temper numbers of the stolen passports knowingly that the High Commission would be having the details of these.

After detecting errors in an application, they said the High Commission still gives an interview call to the applicant in order to know intensions of forgery before handing the particular case to the Federal Investigation Agency. "We are not supposed to physically hand over a person in question to the FIA, but we has the right to ask questions from the one who appears at the visa counter after submitting forged passport or documents," added Pond in response to a question.

The director visa service denied any co-investigation by the British officials and the FIA. "We have no agreement for treatment to the illegal applicants, since it is not our problem. This is your government's problem and we believe they are doing their best in this regard," she added. The Nation

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"hi,i appreciate ur sincere effort in order to crub the non serious and non-desrving candidates.i too have strong aspirations to be there in my ideal country since very long.but circumstances could not allow me to become a member of ur peaceful society further more ur govt restrictions after 9/11 tragedy added further hardships 4 me any more like me. anyhow it is not late too i m an energetic 27 years youngman having done my master in business administration 4rm university of peshawar in 2006 and a bonified member of pakistani society and have strong moral and ethical aspiration,plz do reply instantly. by zaheer."
Name: zaheer
City, Country: karachi, Pakistan

"I like to journey your country but unfortunately I cannt get it due to financial crisis. Another side our countrys political circumstances is unconditionaly immuture. We would like peaceful atmosphere in Pakistan. Opposition parties acting negative role to destabilize of peace keeping."
Name: Z. Y. Khan
City, Country: Islamabad, Pakistan

"hi,i appreciate ur sincere effort in order to crub the non serious and non-desrving candidates.i too have strong aspirations to be there in my ideal country since very long.but circumstances could not allow me to become a member of ur peaceful society."
Name: shah muhammad abdul wajid
City, Country: lahore, Pakistan

"dear madam i have got admission in MASTER Programmein uk university and also got visa letter from university. i have all documents and except IELTS test score . i have no Ielts test . my 16 yeras education . my latest degree is MBA from university of the punjab in lahore. my medium of study was in english in university. so please can you tell me that without ielts test i could be able to get student visa or not."
Name: ahmad
City, Country: lahore, Pakistan

"I become very glad to read this that British HC plans to issue 10 years visa for Pak immigrants, this is a bold and a good step of the British HC, as i am a peaceful residence of District Swat and it has become very difficult for me to live their in the peaceless environment. I would like to appreciate the step taken by the British HC and hope that it would be very benificial for bothe the countries as well as for the masses of the countries to strengthen the relationship between both the nations. I have recently completed my Masters in Business Administration and i am also a Homoeo Doctor, i would be glad if may be given a chance to provide services in the peaceful country UK. With best Regards Mahmood."
Name: Mahmood Ur Rahman
City, Country: Swat, Pakistan

"I am very glad to know that the British Embassy are trying to avoid from the uneligible candidates. But I think the geniune candidates must be given the visa for uk. bcoz it dishearts the candidates to study and work. Please also take some work visa from Pakistan."
Name: Muhammd Farooq
City, Country: Sargodha, Pakistan

"Hi Madam, First of all i appreciate your sincere effort for genuine pakistani immegrants.With this step your country will get better services of pakistani experts. I appreciate your effort to stop illegal immigration but i would like to say that genuine student must be given visas to study in england.One more thing that England is quite expensive as compared to pakistan so those students who are studying in england are given 4 hours a day to work but it is insufficient to earn living expenses so i request you to increase this legal working time period for student which will assist british economy and will also decrease the illegal job timings in England. Thank you."
Name: Muhammad Nabeel
City, Country: rawalpindi, Pakistan

"Hi,I also appreciate your sincere effort for genuine pakistani immegrants.Most of them sourceable and kiths and kins of Political leaders,what about those have a desire go "Peaceful UK"for good type of education to provide the less privileged children of shanty houses,but have no sources and high funds to do so,I m 30 and having done my intermediate i m teaching in a charitable school as a volunteer, I want these poor children to have good education and environment,I contacted several well to do people to support me to be in UK for good education and to work to earn money for these poor souls are being taught by me in dark dirty rooms today,they do nothing just made falls promises,still i m enthusiastic in my aim,In short i want to go UK for good education and to earn money for five years then i come back to do best for my pupils with the help of my own funds,Is it possible for you to support me in my selfless mission?"
Name: Wasi Khan
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan

"i want to go UK for higher studies in msc in finance related cousres.but i am afried, i am recently took ielts exams i did not get good score i have 4.5 score in ielts . so please give me advice may, can i take there in uk first English coures, for admission. Thanks of GOD i have good financial background , i am very thankful to you if , you give me good way."
Name: muhammad ajmal
City, Country: Gujranwala, Pakistan



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