CSS candidates regret FPSC irresponsibility

LAHORE, Sept 23: Candidates who appeared in Central Superior Services (CSS) protested outside Quaid-e-Azam Library against the delay in result of exams.

Most candidates belonged to rural areas and had to spend extra time in Lahore because of the delay. They said their time and money were being wasted. They added that candidates with professional degrees like MBBS, BSc Engineering and LLB were suffering with the delay of the result.

Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) secretary Bashir Ahmad said the result would be declared soon.

Sultan Hayat, a candidate, said he knew that 90 percent of the candidates would be failed and would have to prepare again for the next exam.

Shahzad Akram, another candidate, called the FPSC policymakers irresponsible for causing the delay. Other candidates said the previous year exam was held in May and the result was announced on October 15, 2006. They said this year, the exam was held in March and the result had still not been declared. Daily Times



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