Karachi colleges admission placement list issued

Karachi, Sep 6: The Chairman, Centralised Admission Policy, and Director- General (DG), Colleges, Sindh, Rafiq Ahmed Siddiqui, has issued the placement results of Computer Science and Home Economics Groups as regards the admissions to first year in the government colleges of Karachi.

The list was given to the media at a press conference on Wednesday at the information centre, PECHS Government College for Women, Karachi.

In the Faculty of Home Economics, he said that under CAP 2007 Admission policy, about 787 applications were received out of which 567 candidates were given admissions while 220 students who did not come up to the merit were not admitted. However DG said that they would be accommodated in other faculty. The available seats were 600.

The admission in Ranaa Liaquat Ali Khan, Government College of Home Economics, being the only Home Economics College, was closed at 425 marks with the pass percentage at 50, while admission opened at 92 percent with the highest marks being 782. The grade-wise break-up of successful candidates is: AI, 44 candidates; A, 145; B, 208; and C, 170.

In the Faculty of Computer Science (Male), a total of 938 candidates applied of which 716 were given admission against the vacant 710 vacant seats, while 222 students were refused admission. The maximum and minimum merits marks percentage-wise were 780, 91.76 percent and 450 marks, 52.94 percent.

The grade-wise break-up of successful candidates remained as AI 22, A 180, B 380 and C 134.

In faculty of Computer Science (Female), a total of 804 applications were received of which 572 admissions were given while 232 candidates could not get admission. The maximum and minimum merit list according to percentage wise was 88.94 with 756 marks and 61.65 with 524 marks. The total numbers of seats were 565.

The grade-wise break-up of admissions was AI 44, A 145, B 208 and C 175. Those candidates who did not come in the merit list, are entitled in another faculty in the admission lists of choice 2, 3 and 4 to be announced very soon.

The cut-off list of Computer Science (Male) is: Islamia Government Science College Karachi with maximum marks 665 and minimum 555.

Government Degree College, Gulshan-e-Iqbal 696 and 589, Government National College National College (Morning) 682 and 559.

Government Jamia Millia Degree College College (M) 645 and 467; Government Superior Science College Karachi (M) 651 and 534, Government Degree S/C College Landhi Korangi-6 (M) 577 and 464; Government Degree Science College Malir Cantt Karachi 780 and 618; SM Government Science College Karachi 763 and 561; Government Degree S/C College Lyari 554 and 457; Government Pakistan Shipowners College Karachi 601 and 533; Government Degree College for Boys North Karachi 655 and 496; Government Degree College for Boys Asifabad Karachi 551 and 450; Government College for Men Nazimabad Karachi 716 and 577.

The cut off list of Computer Science (Female) is as: Abdullah

Government College for Women Karachi with maximum merit marks 669 and minim merit marks 544; Government College for Women Nazimabad Karachi 668 and 565; Sir Syed Government College for Women Karachi 698 and 595; APWA Government College for Women Karachi 655 and 534; Government Girls College Gizri Zam Zaman Street 645 and 524; Government College for Women Korangi-6 610 and 498; Government Degree Malir Cantt 756 and 596; St Lawrence Government Girls College Karachi 750 and 640; Government PECHS College for Women Karachi 741 and 673: Government Degree College Stadium Road Karachi 698 and 583 and Government Degree College Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi 695 and 568. The news

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