More students opt for commerce

KARACHI, Sept 17: Over 33,000 students who have passed this year's matriculation in different faculties have applied for admission in commerce colleges, which shows the growing interest of youth in the commerce faculty and a considerable deviation from the science disciplines, which had been a craze for decades until quite recently.

According to officials in the Centralised Admission Policy (CAP) Committee, the number of students desiring admissions in the commerce colleges is growing each year.

"This year the number of applicants is 8,000 more than those who had applied last year. The applicants included in huge numbers those who have passed their SSC-II examination in the science section," said an official.

"This is phenomenal," observed a CAP official, "and shows that the interest of the students has entirely shifted from science to commerce."

The experts said such a shift from medicine and engineering to commerce had great future prospects. They said parents are also showing a similar interest and advising their children to opt for commerce.

"Commerce and economics have become the most sought after disciplines across the globe. They have huge future prospects given the fact that degrees in management sciences could only be attained by mastery in these faculties," said an expert.

Not enough seats

The increasing number of aspirants for commerce every year is also creating difficulties for the authorities as they don't have enough seats to accommodate the applicants.

In Karachi, there are 63 colleges for boys out of which 45 teach commerce. For girls, out of the total 55 colleges, commerce is taught in 35.

Besides, just two out of the 13 higher secondary schools for boys have a separate faculty for commerce while in the 18 higher secondary schools for girls, just the Keamari Government Girls High School has this faculty.

Sources said the situation has left the authorities thinking of creating faculties in more colleges, particularly in the higher secondary schools where this faculty scarcely exists.

However, the creation of new faculties requires ample funds for administrative and teaching resources, given the fact that the education department is already facing an acute shortage of teachers in colleges.

The officials have contemplated some ideas and have also sought the help of senior authorities in the provincial education department for the provision of required funds and administrative help.

"We'll try our level best to accommodate each and every student who has applied for admission in the commerce faculty this year through some adjustments and the creation of new facilities," Prof Rafique Ahmed Siddiqui, Director-General Colleges, Sindh, said.

He said the number of students who had applied for pre-medical and pre-engineering faculties was quite less than in the past, which was evident from the fact that even those who secured 'D'-grade in this year's examination also got admission to some colleges.

"We'll have to create far more seats for the commerce faculty in future because this trend (will) snowball in the coming years," he said.

The CAP Committee is expected to announce placements for commerce aspirants this week. Dawn



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