'Rs 171 million being spent on improvement of education'

TANK, Sept 17: The provincial government has initiated numerous uplift projects in the education sector and an amount of Rs 171.272 million has been provided for the improvement and standardisation of education in the district, said Education Executive District Officer Faridullah Mahsud.

Talking to reporters, Mahsud said that in primary, secondary and higher education sectors, the government was spending large amounts aimed at facilitating students of less privileged areas. "The main focus is the primary education sector, with Rs 23.185 being utilised on numerous uplift projects including the establishment of 10 new primary schools apart from the improvement and provision of quality infrastructure facilities to girls and boys schools across the district," he said.

Replying to a question, Mahsud said numerous development projects had also been initiated for the secondary sector. He said that a total of Rs 119.848 million was being spent for the construction and reconstruction of buildings and other needed infrastructure facilities to various schools, adding that the Government Girls High School, Gul Imam, Government Centennial Model School and Government Girls High School, Tank city, were getting new compact buildings with adequate facilities and amenities at an estimated cost of Rs 40 million. He said more development projects for the secondary sector included the up gradation of two middle schools each in boys and girls cadre to high schools.

To another question, he said the government was committed to ensuring the provision of higher education at doorsteps to the residents of far-flung areas. He said another degree college for boys was established in Amakhel town of Kundian circle at a cost of Rs 39.982 million. App



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