'Varsities, seminaries failing to curb extremism'

LAHORE, Sept 19: Governor Khalid Maqbool has said that universities and religious seminaries are failing to eliminate extremism from society and falling prey to the extremist ideas. Speaking at an iftar dinner to vice chancellors and students of universities at Governor's House on Tuesday, he said that it was a tragedy that universities and madrassas were producing students who fought in the name of religion. He said that the universities should follow the example of the Jamia al-Azhar University in Egypt, giving its students religious education and also a modern outlook. He said that madrassas were a part of our culture and had produced many scholars. He also said madrassas were forced to change their role by extremists.

The government had spent billion of rupees on the development of public universities and the Higher Education Commission had also allocated Rs 35 billion for public universities this year, he said. He said that the universities were equipped with electronic libraries, international standard gyms and hostels. He said the new academic programmes would give good education to the people at low cost. The tuition fees of public universities had not been raised, he added. The governor asked citizens to be tolerant to other religions and also importance to universal education. Daily Times



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