Students, visitors pushed from pillar to post at FBISE

ISLAMABAD, Sep 10: Visitors to the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) offices are often faced with a multitude of problems, which the administration refuses to address.

Academic institutions from all over the country are affiliated with the FBISE. Students visit the board for various purposes, either to get no objection certificates (NOCs) for migration, to have their papers rechecked or for attestation.

The FBISE administration has other priorities than providing services to visitors and seems reluctant to acknowledge hardships faced by people on their premises.

Visitors have to wander from pillar to post to seek relevant officers before their requirements can be fulfilled.

Visitors entering the board are also humiliated in the name of security. Women are particularly vulnerable as male security officials are posted to scrutinise female visitors. Clashes among women and security officials are matters of routine as the former do not want to be searched by men.

Visitor Sajida Ibrar said, "It is humiliating that male security officials are assigned to detect women while entering the board" adding that authorities should post female officials at the gate.

Humra Abbas, another visitor, said there was no separate counter for ladies where they could submit their requests. She said, "Women have to stand with men in front of crowded counters and have to wait for hours as men occupy the counter, submitting their own applications." She said, "Visitors have to approach various counters to find the relevant one as authorities have not set up an information desk."

Hundreds of the visitors are forced to use one toilet next to a congested waiting room for guests of board officials.

Visitor Saima Jamil said a separate waiting room for women was required as the existing one was insufficient and it could seat only 10 people. She said most of the time women had to stand outside the room as men occupied the available seats. Visitors also complained of the poor management of the administration.

Application forms are outdated and contain columns, which are not currently required leaving the applicants dazed and confused.

A visitor Asif Ali said he had gained the application form for securing an NOC after standing in a long queue for an hour but he had to repeat the practice to ask for an explanation of the irrelevant columns. Another visitor complained of the misprinting of application forms required for getting the papers rechecked. He said one had to consult the officials again and again to understand the instructions and columns.

When contacted FBISE Chairman Commodore (r) Muhammad S Shamshad for his opinion about the complaints of the visitors, he was reluctant to talk about specific issues. Daily times



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