Indifferent FPSC

Sep 6: FPSC has not announced the result of CSS even after the lapse of about 5 months. This bears out the indifferent attitude of the institution towards the candidates. The FPSC is the highest examination conducting body in Pakistan. But ironically those born with a silver spoon in their mouth have hijacked this institution.

An institution in which the sole criteria to judge the credibility of a candidate is the social class to which he belongs. The criterion to qualify CSS is the English language. Therefore, the candidates belonging to English medium institutions have an edge over the other in these competitive examinations. Those who have Urdu medium background cannot compete those who have started studying English from prep. The poor cannot afford exorbitant tuition fees of English teachers. This year the FPSC make it conditional first time in its history that the essay paper should be at least 4000-5000 words. The candidates were totally confused to see the essay paper. They wrote jumbled ideas explosively to cover the length of the paper. Therefore, they are bound to bear the brunt of failure. It is mandatory to reform this callous institution.

The delaying tactics of the FPSC in the announcement of results reveal its mala fide intention and increase the apprehension of the candidates. The FPSC should expedite its activities instead of working like snail in the announcement of result.

Asif Ali Lahore (Frontier Post)



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