Girls' college has no electricity for 2 weeks

LAHORE, Sep 17: Himayat-e-Islam Degree College of the Himayat-e-Islam Trust is running without any electricity for the last two weeks. Mumtaz Qayyum, principle of the college, said that the electricity wire in the college had burnt and it was the fault of the engineers who had built the college 18 years ago. She said that the engineers had installed water pipes near the electricity wires. Now water entered the electric wires due to leakage, damaging the electricity circuits, she said. She said that the problem would be resolved soon as she had sent a request to the education sectary and the trust's office.

Miss Lubna, a college teacher said that not only students but also teachers were suffering due to this problem. Altaf Hussain Shah, an accountant, said that it was not the fault of WAPDA as it was an internal problem and college authorities were responsible of it. Amara, a BA student, said that girls were not attending classes due to the shortage of power as it was hot season and it was very difficult to sit in classes. Madiha, another student, said that it was very difficult for girls to sit in classes. She said that students were suffering due to the non-ability of water and college had not an alternative source of power or generator. Rutaba, a yet another student, said that there were 2,000 students in the college, but hundred of girls were not attending college due to power suspension. Daily Times



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