New plagiarism policy by HEC likely next week

LAHORE, Sept 20: Dr Riaz Qurashi, Higher Education Commission (HEC) quality insurance advisor said on Wednesday that HEC would notify a new policy on plagiarism by the end of this week. A committee under the supervision of National University of Sciences and Technology Rector Syed Shujaat Hussain had framed the policy, he said.

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Dr Riaz said the new policy would be sent to all public universities with instructions on dealing with plagiarism cases. He said the HEC was not satisfied with current process of dealing with plagiarism cases and also that previous cases would be reviewed under the new policy.

He said the University of Engineering and Technology Taxila, University of Engineering and Technology Lahore, Sindh University, Mehran University, Punjab University and Government College University had reported cases of plagiarism. He said the process of dealing with these cases had not been accepted by the HEC. Eighteen cases of plagiarism would be dealt under the new policy, he added.

Governor Khalid Maqbool had formed a committee to review cases of plagiarism in Punjab University (PU) and Government College University. The committee was headed by Board of Revenue member Safdar Javed Syed, University of Health Sciences Vice Chancellor Dr M H Mubashir and PU Biological Sciences Instructor Prof Abdul Rauf.

Some instructors of PU's Centre for High Energy Physics (CHEP) had been found guilty of plagiarism. The PU plagiarism committee had made a decision to stop the increments of two of the instructors, but the HEC and PU chancellor did not accept this decision.

PU Registrar Dr Naeem Ahmad Khan said that PU had already decided the punishment to be meted out to teachers found guilty of plagiarism. He said the HEC had earlier investigated these cases. He also said it might be possible that the chancellor wanted the opinion of a third party before taking a decision. He said the chancellor had asked to review cases of plagiarism.

A PU instructor said the HEC and PU chancellor were not satisfied with the plagiarism process at PU. He said that after the recent 'Vice Chancellors' Conference', the decision to review these cases had been made.

He said the HEC would not give grants to those institutions that could not satisfy the HEC in matters of dealing with plagiarism cases. He also said foreign institutions might blacklist PU if it did not follow an effective plagiarism policy.

He said the PU plagiarism committee was ineffective and could not satisfy the HEC. It was not the first time that teachers of CHEP had been found guilty in cases of plagiarism, he said, adding that some PU faculty members had also been found guilty. Daily Times



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