HEC to give out Rs 1.1bn in scholarships to 2,800 students

LAHORE, Sep 2: The Higher Education Commission (HEC) is to provide Rs 1.1 billion to 2,800 students for pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees at various public and private institutions. HEC Executive Director Dr Sohail Naqvi chaired the meeting of National Scholarship Management Committee that was attended by representatives of 26 universities. The committee approved the cases of 487 candidates enrolled in 26 participating institutions for the award of "Need Based Scholarships" under Japanese & US Need Based Scholarship programme.

Dr Naqvi briefed that Need Based Scholarship programme have helped 1500 families in the last two years. At present 50 leading public and private institutions are participating in this HEC initiative. The HEC intends to spread this network of 'Need Based Scholarship' and develop a sustainable methodology for including all the institutions of higher education in Pakistan under this scheme. Dr Naqvi called for the participating institutions to expand the scope of this scheme to reach the maximum number of students and also to initiate activities to sustain this programme. He said that progress has been made in improving the state of higher education in Pakistan. The disciplines covered by these programmes include Agriculture, Business Administration, Biotechnology, Engineering, Information Technology & Telecommunication, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Genetics, Pharmacy, and Life Sciences.

Jalil Ahmed, advisor (P&D) and the Project Director of Need Based Scholarships at HEC, said that after the execution of three Need Based Scholarship programmes, it was learnt that these scholarships had alleviated the burden of students and their families. Daily times

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