'8 million people visit HEC website every month'

LAHORE, Sep 6: Around 270,000 people visit the Higher Education Commission website every day and the number of visitors every month is 8 million, making the website one of the most visited in Pakistan.

According to a press release issued on Wednesday, the website had been designed to provide information about higher education in Pakistan, scholarships offered by the HEC and other HEC activities to students, teachers, scientists and researchers. The press release said navigation and design of the website had improved, making the website a user-friendly platform for information.

The release said there had been an increase in visitors during June and July due to announcements of scholarship schemes, tenders and jobs by the HEC. The number of people visiting the website had increased during the current year and between 200,000 to 270,000 people visited the website every day, while the number of visitors per month was between 6 million to 8 million, it added. The release said it indicated that the services offered by the HEC Website were improving, adding that the HEC was also upgrading its services to target more visitors.

In 2002 the HEC had a static website with a few features and information display. But in 2003 the HEC launched a new website with improved navigation structure and online application forms. In 2004-05 there was further improvement in navigation structure and information display. In 2006 the HEC launched a new website with clear navigation paths for topic-oriented users, which provided information about scholarships, R&D and higher education institutes. In 2007 the HEC enhanced security with controlled access to the website and categorised all major services of the HEC under separate sections including programme details. Daily times



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