IJT to launch protest movement against MQM from 25th

PESHAWAR, Sept 21: Islami Jamiat Tulba (IJT) will launch country wide protest from September 25 against the 'terrorism of MQM' and would continue the demonstration till registration of FIR against the MQM chief Altaf Hussain and his supporters for 'killing number of students' in Karachi. Students along with the heirs of those IJT activist who were martyred in Karachi would record their protest before Supreme Court on October 3, seeking the apex court's suo motu action against those who were backing the terrorists in Karachi and shedding innocent blood to terrorize the opponents, this was announced by IJT Peshawar University campus nazim Sahibzada Arshadullah, Nazim Peshawar Jamal-u-Din, Suhail Ahmad Babar Rahi and Sadiq ur Rahman in a joint news conference at Peshawar Press Club on Thursday. The IJT leaders remarked that the recent terrorist activities in Karachi had fully exposed the real face of MQM before Pakistani nation as well as the world therefore Islami Jamiat Tulba would launch a protest movement to declare MQM as terrorist organization.

IJT Peshawar University Nazim said its seems that General Musharraf had licensed the MQM to kill the opponents without fearing any action saying killings of 50 innocent people on May 12 in Karachi, martyring Wasfi Aziz, member of IJT central Shura and recent attack on Karachi university bus were the worst examples of terrorism unleashed by MQM with the backing of Sindh government. Sahibzada Tariq said that the students' wing of MQM was openly challenging the opponents in universities and colleges and threatening those students who not obey their orders for dire consequences. "Muhajir Students Organization is killing the students under the very nose of police and law enforcing agencies in Karachi but no one is daring to take action against the terrorist," he said adding that Wasif Aziz, the IJT activist was critically wounded in presence of police party and then was shifted to police station instead rushing to hospital for emergency treatment as result Wasif succumbed to injuries and embrace martyrdom.

The IJT leader claimed that MQM was working on its plan to convert Karachi in to Jinnah Pur thus killing the patriotic people to implement its agenda. "for how long they will continue their dirty game, MQM has fully been exposed before the nation that it is a terrorist organization, people have watched the open firing on a private TV channels, killing of 50 workers, hurling grenades on university bus and slaying two advocates in the recent days are the solid proofs to declare MQM as terrorist organization," the IJT Nazim observed. Islami Jamiat Tulba, the university campus Nazim said will organize big protest rallies at divisional levels across the country on September 25 to voice the growing violence and terrorism of MQM besides a memorandum from hires of Karachi martyrs would be presented to Supreme Court seeking the apex courts action against the responsible. During the protest movement, white paper about the terrorist activities of MQM would be distributed among the people, he concluded. Frontier Post



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