Employees at KU complain about harassment

KARACHI, Sept 22: The Karachi University Employees Association held an emergency meeting here on Thursday to discuss the threatening posture of a student group at the campus, an noted that KU employees were being harassed although they had nothing to do with the extracurricular activities at the campus.

President of the association Kabir Khan said that KU employees never subjected student to discrimination on the basis of his/her affiliation with any particular group but some of them were being intimidated and even manhandled by one of the student groups.

He observed that KU employees neither supported nor opposed any group but despite the fact, they had to face threats of life from some rowdy elements frequenting the campus.

"We appeal to all student groups that peaceful atmosphere of the university be maintained and the acts bound to create tension between the KU employees and students be avoided," he said. Dawn



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