KU Minibus victims: a closer look

Karachi, Sept 22: The tragedy of the September 13 minibus incident which claimed several lives including those of the students of the University of Karachi (KU) remains unresolved as several quarters of the civil society is interpreting the matter in different ways. They believe that if such incidents are ignored then anarchy will increase in the society. They claim that the practice of unnecessary statements issued by political parties should be discontinued at once to allow peace to prevail in educational institutions. According to them, it can lead to severe consequences as people will stop trusting the law enforcing agencies.

However, most people have lost sight of the fact that some of those who lost their lives in this horrific incident students.

For example, Kachu Habibullah belonged to Kharmang, a distant village in Skardu, Baltistan. Habib was doing his Master's in Commerce from the Department of Commerce and was the eldest among his four siblings. He had two sisters and brothers along with two infants out of marriage.

Habib was a student of final year and made money by giving tuitions to other students. According to his close friends in university, Habib had planned to go back to his hometown after completing his studies to look after his family, especially his father who was handicapped for sometime. They added that Habib was supporting the whole family as well as paying for his educational expenses.

Ghulam Siddique, 25, was among those who died on the spot as a result of the minibus attack that fateful Thursday. He was doing his Master's in Library and Information Sciences (MLIS) and was in the final year. He had graduated from the Islamic Learning Department and belonged to Gilgit.

According to his colleagues in university, Siddique was desirous of getting an internship in the university's main library and then had plans to get a job as a librarian in his hometown.

Ghulam Qadir, the father of the deceased is a government forest officer who has one other son besides Ghulam Siddique - Ghulam Usman who is Siddique's twin brother. Usman was at the Federal Urdu University and completed his studies early this year.

Imran Shahid, 25, a student of the department of Political Science was another victim. He belonged to Chakwal and was in his final year. Shahid's family moved to Karachi some six years ago. His father, Allah Yar Khan, is a retired army major. According to a few close aides of the deceased, many of Shahid's relatives are still serving in the armed forces. Imran was their only son and he had an elder sister while his father is an employee at Karachi Port Trust. Shahid wanted to join the army and was also considering appearing in the CSS examinations next year.

Syed Atif Hussain, 24, was studying at the department of Applied Chemistry and a native resident of Karachi. He lived in Khokrapar, Malir Town, with his family who migrated from Bihar, India after the partition of subcontinent.

Atif was the youngest among six brothers and was brought up in a conservative, religious environment. He was keen to make his mark in the textile industry. Syed Sadr Ul Hassain, the father of the deceased, expired some nine years ago. Syed Zahid Hussain is a guardian of the family and Atif was quite close to him. He always discussed his problems with his elder brother. The News



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