Ebad inaugurates botanical garden at KU

Karachi, Sep 13: "The government is paying due attention to projects that help in the preservation of the nature. The centre of plant conservation will be made soon," said the Governor and Chancellor of University of Karachi, Dr Inhaul Bead Khan at the inaugural ceremony of the botanical garden, University of Karachi.

Dr Mohammad Quasar, addressing the programme, said that such a garden would prove vital to the research into the flora of Pakistan.

"This is the first institute to have such garden, only one of its kinds in Pakistan that will conduct the documented study of the collected plant species" he said.

The Vice-Chancellor (VC), in his address, thanked the governor for his support in realising the dream of this garden. He said "The relation of man and nature is an age-old one. He made a tongue-in-cheek remark about the people who think that this would probably be a public park of some sort. He clarified that it was only meant for those who wanted to conduct research of some sort on the plants. However, students of various institutions would be invited to observe the kind of plants Pakistan has.

Dr Ebad praised the VC for his efforts and appreciated the botanical garden project. He said "The government has been according particular attention to education. Earlier on only 0.2 per cent of the GDP was being spent on education, however, now two per cent of the GDP had been fixed for education". He also said that Rs1.3 billion projects were underway, while overall Rs8 billion were being spent in public sector universities in Sindh for almost 80 projects. He said that the he would inaugurate a public park at Old Clifton and also promised that a centre for plant conservation would be made soon. The news



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