Attendance remains minimal at KU

Karachi, Sept 22: Classes in the University of Karachi (KU) remained to largely suspended as women students particularly continued to shy away from coming to the campus fearing more violence. As a result, teachers are taking advantage of the situation and absenting themselves from the classes.

This scribe visited different departments in Arts, Science and Pharmacy faculties and found that students had braved in to attend their classes but teachers were absent. There were only two teachers in the Islamic History Department and quite a number of students were waiting for their classes to commence. The Political Science Dept also had students but teachers' rooms were securely locked. Most of the departments presented the same scenario and students were critical of their teachers for showing apathy to their duties.

Prof Rais Alvi, KU Registrar, expressed his concern about the long absence of the students and urged them to come to the university to resume their learning. "I request the students to cast away their fear and come to the university. We have made ample and adequate arrangements for the safety of the students.

They should come as it is midway of the semester and they have to maintain their minimum attendance requirement," he said. The university has adopted a stringent admission process for visitors and some confusion exists as no alternative arrangement has been put in for the visitors. The News



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