PU teachers rallying 'to save plagiarists'

LAHORE, Sep 6: The Punjab University Academic Staff Association (PUASA) is trying to save the PU plagiarists through protests against the Higher Education Commission (HEC), HEC executive director Dr Sohail Naqvi said on Wednesday.

The Federation of All Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Association (FAPUASA) observed Wednesday as 'black day' against what it called the HEC's anti-educationist policies.

PUASA president Dr Mumtaz Ahmed Salik said that teachers from all public universities had participated in the protest. He said the 'black day' was against the delay in promotion of public universities' teachers. He said, "We demand that the government should dismiss HEC chairman Dr Attaur Rehman, executive director Dr Sohail Naqvi and Quality Insurance in-charge Dr Riaz Qureshi."

Sohail said, "Everyone knows that the PU teachers have been involved in plagiarism." He said one could find the papers of plagiarists on the website of HEC. He said one of the factors behind these protests was HEC's drive against plagiarists. He said HEC was working on the upgradation of non-PhD teachers. He said, "Through these protests PUASA wants to remove the PU vice chancellor (VC)." He said vacancy for a VC has been advertised and HEC would ensure that next PU VC should be selected on merit.

Mumtaz said the general body of FAPUASA had met HEC high-ups five months ago. During the meeting, he said, the HEC officials had assured the FAPUASA members that upgradation of non-PhD teachers would be completed in a month. Daily times



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