1 teacher for 25 students at national level

ISLAMABAD, Sep 7: National pupil-teacher ratio (PTR) is 25:1, pupil-institution ratio (PIR) 146:1 and teacher-institution ratio (TIR) is 6:1, according to the Pakistan Education Statistics compiled by the Education Ministry.

The report says the PTR ranges from 20:1 in AJK to 27:1 in Islamabad. The PTR in government institutions is 29:1 and private institutions 19:1. At the middle level, it varies from 12:1 in Balochistan, FATA and AJK to 33:1 in Islamabad but it is 16:1 when aggregated. The PTR of female students ranges from 9:1 in Punjab to 20:1 in Islamabad, says the report. For secondary education, the aggregated PTR is 6:1 but it varies from 4:1 in Punjab to 8:1 in Islamabad. The maximum PTR for female students in Sindh is 3:1 and in NWFP it is 7:1.

The overall national PIR ranges from 101:1 in Balochistan, 329:1 in Islamabad to 166:1 in Punjab. The highest number of female students is 1,401 in Islamabad. At the middle level, the national PIR is 129:1. In girls' schools, it is 305:1.

The PIR varies from 89:1 in AJK and FANA each to 351:1 in Islamabad and NWFP. At secondary and higher secondary levels, the national PIR is 92:1 and 402:1 respectively.

At primary level, the TIR is 3:1 in the country. It varies from 2:1 in AJK to 9:1 in Islamabad. Eight teachers are for one school at national level. At secondary and higher levels, TIR is 16:1 and 24:1 respectively. At secondary level, it varies from 9:1 in FANA to 21:1 in Balochistan and at higher secondary level, it goes from 13:1 in FANA to 32:1 in Islamabad. Daily times



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