Peshawar schools refuse to give fee concession

PESHAWAR, Sept 21: Private schools have termed the provincial education department's notification regarding half-fee concession to the siblings studying in the same institutions as 'misinterpretation of the law'.

Addressing a press conference here on Wednesday, Nazar Hussain, general secretary of the National Education Council, said the department should review the notification issued in 1992.

He said the private educational institutions had decided to take the issue to the court for interpretation of the law.

He said the notification violated the Education Code of 1935. Mr Hussain claimed that the concession was given to teachers' children only as mentioned in the Section 106 of the code.

According to press report, the education department has decided to take action against the schools which charge full fee from the siblings studying in them.

The department is reported to have decided in a meeting to cancel the registration of schools that are violating the notification issued on Aug 24, 1992, which bound them to charge half fee from the siblings except the eldest studying in the same school.

Mr Hussain said some parents had taken the issue to the Peshawar High Court in 2003 but they withdrew the case four years later after consulting lawyers and the education department. Dawn

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