Quran gallery in museum being relocated

KARACHI, Sept 27: Work on the relocation of the Quran and Islamic galleries in the National Museum is going on in full swing, it is learnt. According to sources the two-year (2007-2008) Rs12 million project has been launched to protect and re-open one of the most popular galleries of the museum, the Quran Gallery, which had remained closed for over a couple of years after a severe termite attack.

Under the project, termite treatment will be carried out on the entire National Museum building, which has remained under constant termite attack and despite the fact that anti-termite treatments were carried out many times in the past, the menace resurfaced soon afterward.

Under the project, the Quran Gallery, at present located on the ground floor, is being shifted to the Islamic Arts Gallery located on the first floor, as the ground floor is said to be more vulnerable to termite attacks.

The exhibits, rare copies of the Quran, have been taken out from the Quran Gallery and shifted to another room for safekeeping for the time being and after the exhibits from the Islamic Arts gallery, located on the first floor, are taken out and shifted, the copies of the holy book will be relocated and the Quran Gallery will be reopened, by the middle of next year.

Responding to queries, project director Mohammad Shah Bokhari said that when the fixtures etc were removed from the Quran Gallery, it was revealed that it was still under termite attack, which was surprising as hardly a few months back anti-termite treatment had been carried out under the supervision of museum superintendent Makin Khan, and it was surprising that termites had reappeared so soon. He said he had reported the matter to the high-ups and was also in contact with Mr Khan in that regard. Dawn

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