SPELT conference from November 2

Karachi, Sept 20: The 23rd Conference of the Society of Pakistan English Language Teachers (SPELT) will commence from November 2, said Conference Coordinator, Huma M. Thaver, on Wednesday.

The inaugural session of the three-day moot is scheduled to be held at the Habib Public School. Later, the conference will also be organised simultaneously at Islamabad and Lahore from November 9 to November 11. Mini conferences will be held in Abbottabad and Multan on November 6 and November 7. "We call it a travelling conference. We go to the teachers to provide them with the required service. It's a unique feature of such a conference," Thaver remarked. She said that the focus of the conference is to enable the teachers' association to help develop their skills professionally.

It was pointed out that our teachers are in much need of training and guidance, which will be provided by the SPELT through this conference. "Teachers of general subjects also attend the SPELT conference and Urdu workshops are also organised simultaneously," said Thaver. Moreover, papers will also be presented at the SPELT moot about the research that has been conducted internationally.

Speakers at the conference will be from the United States, Britain, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Turkey, Japan, Canada, Bangladesh and India as well as English language teaching experts from Pakistan. The News

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"Its indeed a good effort, but only teaching the teachers is not a solution to the problem. To promote knowledge well have to cover also other members of the society, especially mothers, whore proved to be the best teachers for their kids. You cant bring any revalution without mothers help. Fee structure should be flexible. We should think other way to generate funds i.e. some sort of social activities, like meena bazar, cultural show, by promoting the traditional products made by villagers etc ."
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