Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh for Home Affairs Waseem gets tough with student organisations IJT & PSA

Karachi, Sep 1: Regarding the continuously tense situation outside the JPMC involving the Punjabi Student Association (PSA) and Islami Jamiat Talaba (IJT), and the vacating of hostel rooms, the Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh for Home Affairs, Waseem Akhtar alleged that the elements present in the hostel were not students of the college but had come from other colleges of the city and were residing there illegaly. These 'students' were extorting from shopkeepers and were also invloved in threatening the doctors.

Three students have been killed in the clashes between the IJT and PSA - two belonging to the former, Farhan Ahmed and Hafiz Abdur Rehman, while the third, Saleem Awan, belonged to the latter.

Waseem said, that the JPMC is an educational institution and not a place for violence, crime and politics. Secondly, he said, this violence has not only affected the JPMC as an educational institution but as a hospital too, as thousands of patients come there for medical treatment. Making them victims of other people's enmity is being unfair to them, he felt. He said that, during the past few days, the JPMC had become a place of violence and the students were continuously resisting the law-enforcers with arms and had also blocked main Sharae Faisal. When they were arrested, he continued, they started protesting and alleging that innocent students were caught by the LEAs. But what type of innocence is it when they are armed and targeting each other, he questioned.

Waseem stated that the responsiblity for this lay with the leaders of student organisations who were behind such acts.

He also said that it was noticed the most of the students were not studying in the college and were present there with arms. The persons who have been killed in the violence were permanent resident of up-countries, he said. waseem said that they had cleared the hostel of students because there were no genuine students residing there to begin with - only criminals.

In one of the FIRs lodged at the police station, three students of the PSA, Kamran, Tanzeem, and Kashif, had been nominated and all of them were students of Karachi University and were residing in the JPMC hostel.

The 26 activists of the PSA held by the police were from the nursing and cardiology departments. One was selling juice at the JPMC. One was a telephone operator, some were from Jamia Millia College, and came here for criminal activities, Waseem said, and maintained that families all those who had been arrest or killed in the violence were not residing here but up country.

Regarding the IJT, he said that about 17 activists of the IJT were held for rioting outside the JPMC while 13 were held against the arrest of those who had been arrested as well as for disturbing traffic.

He requested the leaders of both the organisations to stop this violence.

He warned that next time such instances take place, leaders of the student organisations would be rounded up and no instigation will not be tolerated. The news



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