Schools and Literacy Dept recruit 156 teachers in Tank

TANK, Sept 24: The Schools and Literacy department has recruited 156 male and female teachers for both primary and secondary sectors in Tank district during current fiscal year, said Tank Executive District Officer (EDO) Faridullah Khan.

While talking to reporters, Khan said NWFP government was doing its level best to raise the falling standard of educational institutions in underprivileged and backward districts of the province.

He said provision of staff and other amenities to all schools of neglected areas was government's priority, since it would create a conducive environment for quality education across the province.

It was department's priority to provide public sector educational institutions with qualified staff, Khan said, adding that in Tank District most of the primary and secondary schools were facing acute shortage of qualified teaching staff.

The EDO said that during 2006-7, apart from filling up 10 posts of drawing teachers in various female secondary schools, 156 teachers including 60 SETs, 55 PTC, 18 TT and 23 Arabic male and female teachers had been appointed so far.

In reply to a question, Khan said that approval for the recruitment of 50 more PTC male and female teachers was in pipeline and was expected soon. He said the filling up of these posts would create 17 more SETs that would be consequently filled.

The considerable appointments will help in overcoming staff shortage, he said, adding that currently the public sector was running 24 male and female high schools, including the 17 schools that had headmasters.

The EDO maintained that provincial authorities were very serious about increasing the enrolment of students and adequate opportunities were being given to people of neglected areas for the purpose.

He added, however, that all appointments were being made under strict merit policy. In reply to a question, Khan said that in order to develop a comprehensive educational environment, at least 8 circle office centres had been set up to monitor efficiency of almost all schools of the district. He said that the monitoring teams led by experienced ADIs would eliminate the growing phenomenon of ghost schools across the district. App



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