Net terror sites 'easy to access'

Sep 2007: ISLAMIC extremist videos and documents found on a terror suspect's computers are easily accessed on the internet, a court heard yesterday.

Computer expert Michael Dickson, 42, agreed with defence counsel Donald Findlay QC that anyone could obtain the information simply by typing "Islamic extremist" into the Google search engine.

Mr Dickson has been giving evidence for three days in the trial of Mohammed Atif Siddique, of Alva, Clackmannanshire, who denies four terrorist charges and a breach of the peace.

The jury at the High Court in Glasgow were shown a download from an academic Israeli website which featured articles in Arabic with pictures and diagrams of assault rifles and a rocket launcher.

Mr Findlay asked: "Do you think it even conceivable that an Israeli website would want to provide information to Islamic terrorists?"

Mr Dickson replied: "I wouldn't think so."

He later said there was no way of knowing who had downloaded items from the internet found on Siddique's computers.

The trial continues.

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