Unavailability of textbooks irks students of Rawalpindi & Islamabad

ISLAMABAD, Sep 2: Students of Rawalpindi and Islamabad are facing difficulties due to unavailability of new textbooks of the Federal Board (Class-9) in the markets. Teachers have started forcing students to bring textbooks from their own sources.

It was announced that the schools would provide textbooks to its students but students, are still waiting for the books as they have not been published so far.

Owners of old bookshops have doubled the prices of second hand textbooks, as they are not available in the market. Students alleged that taking advantage of the situation, teachers were forcing the shopkeepers to sell books at double the rate. Shopkeepers and wholesale dealers are also facing losses due to the shortage of textbooks in the market. The shopkeepers and wholesaler dealers said it was not a serious problem and added that a wrong policy formulated by the Education Ministry was the only reason for the shortage of textbooks. Daily times



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