Malaysia offers UK and US degrees at half the cost

KARACHI, Sept 26: Malaysia, say experts, has become an attractive study destination for Pakistani students because of the cost-effective campuses established there by universities of the UK and US. Easy credit transfer options to the West, a friendly educational environment for foreigners, almost confirmed study visas have grabbed the attention of students from Pakistan.

"Asian Pacific campuses of the same universities could provide more facilities but at much lower costs. Usually, after a year, students are given a full-credit transfer facility to their university's main campus in the UK or US," said Syed Aamir Ali, regional representative of two leading UK-based universities in Malaysia. "Two basic factors matter most in studying abroad. One is the ability to pay and other is acquiring a student visa. Enrollment in Malaysian campuses makes both easier." According to him, an international student enrolled at a UK or US university campus in Malaysia could save up to 50 percent as tuition fee and figures for other essential expenditures like accommodation, food and medication are also lower.

According to the Malaysian Consulate General in Karachi, terms and conditions for acquiring a study visa to Malaysia is much easier than it is for Western countries. "A Pakistani student would have to show bank statements of up to six months for verification of sufficient resources to pay for his education. But, according to a Malaysian visa office official in Karachi, a visa application with a proper admission letter had almost a 100 percent possibility of receiving a positive response," he said.

Syed Aamir Ali, who also heads Prime International Education Consultancy, seconded that it is easier to get a visa. "Acquiring a visa for UK or US is a tough job and has a number of formalities, a financial statement being one of them. Because a student has to pay 50 percent less as academic and living expenditure, he obviously has to show 50 percent less assets as well in the visa application process."

Apart from being cheaper, students are also offered various merit-based scholarships in the form of 25 to 75 percent concessions in tuition fees or part-time jobs. "Students can obtain a fee concession on the basis of their academic and participation in co-curricular activities on campus. If a student wishes to work, he can work up to 20 hours a week. The international office at each university helps students find career-oriented part-time jobs during their studies," said Benedict Chanseng Kuan, international admissions officer for HELP University College, Malaysia. Daily Times



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