University of Balochistan Spokesman denial

QUETTA, Sept 19: A Spokesman of University of Balochistan Tuesday strongly denied reports that more than one hundred teachers were being relieved under Golden Hand Shake. It is a very irresponsible and baseless statement which is being spread to create unrest among the teachers under a conspiracy so that academic environment of the University could be deteriorated.

The Spokesman said that Golden Hand Shake policy is volunteer and under this teachers can not be forced. Referring to sacking Professor Agha Nasir, Spokesman added his P Hd degree was fake. His thesis was prepared by cheating which was rejected by HEC. A proper inquiry was conducted which proved his fault. He was given full opportunity for his defence. The Spokesman said that Academic Staff Association (ASA) projected the issue for its interest which brought bad name for the institution. As far as action against ex Principal University Law College is concerned, there were two charges against him. One his performance was not good. Secondly he was involved in financial irregularities. When he was inquired, he tried to create chaos and incited students. An inquiry committee was then formed. He was given opportunity for his defence but he adopted way of confrontation and administration had to take action under the rules. PPI



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