Peshawar University 'ignores syndicate's recommendations'

PESHAWAR, Sept 3: The Peshawar University administration has been ignoring the recommendations of the syndicate regarding appointments on key posts, sources said.

"As a rule, the administration is bound to seek the approval of the syndicate in the appointments on important posts, but the former employs people on such posts without considering the latter's recommendations," sources said.

According to them, the appointments of registrar, controller of examinations, chief proctor, provost and administrative officers had not been approved by the university syndicate. They said that it was obligatory upon the syndicate to approve the appointment of registrar by the vice-chancellor, because it was his (VC)'s discretion. But the other recruitments required the syndicate's approval, which was not sought.

They said that the university administration was adamant to fill the post of the principal of the Islamia Collegiate School, a constituent of the Peshawar University, in line with the rules framed by the syndicate. It remained unfilled despite the passage of six months.

The principal of the school retired on July 31, 2006, but he was given an extension until January 31, 2007 in violation of rules. "This had happened for the first time in the university's history that a person had been given extension attaining superannuation," sources said. He had been appointed principal in clear violation of university rules, which doesn't allow a person to hold such a post with third division in BEd.

As a rule approved by the syndicate in 2000, all departments and constituent schools and colleges of the University of Peshawar, were required to appoint chairpersons and principals among the three senior-most persons for three years on rotational basis.

The University Model School, another constituent of the university, had already set the precedent by appointing a senior teacher as a principal according to the rotation process. So, is true for more than 40 departments and five colleges of the University of Peshawar.

Sources said that the rules were framed by the syndicate after the appointment of the principal of the University Public School (UPS) in 1992 through interview. Before that it was routine at the university that senior-most persons among the teachers were awarded the slot of principal for three years on rotational basis.

"The appointment in the UPS was challenged in the court by some teachers but the case was not pursued properly," sources said, adding after that the syndicate framed rules for such appointments. Dawn



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