Campus culture changing fast | KEMU exam schedule

Campus culture changing fast
Lahore, Sep 11: Noted American poet and essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: "For everything you have missed, you have gained something else, and for everything you gain, you lose something else."

His saying applies to today's campus culture, highlighting the significant changes appearing in the lives of the university students over the years.

The campus life once full of intellectual debate and discussion, bringing social and academic circles on one platform, has undergone various changes over the years.

It is generally believed that campus life of 70s was significant since it provided the students with ample opportunities of debate and discussion on national as well as global issues. Those who were part of the campus culture of the 70s are very critical of the declining standards of the seats of learning, saying lectures alone do not mean complete campus life. They are of the view that with the advancement of science and technology, the entire atmosphere has changed, leaving little room for students to pay attention to social life.

Undoubtedly modern electrical gadgets and discussions on fashion are now more prevalent at universities among the students unlike the past when logical and meaningful discussions used to shape their opinions on regional and global issues.

Dr Muhammad Naeem Khan, the registrar of the Punjab University, one of the oldest seats of learning in the sub-continent, is not happy with the change in campus culture.

"Students of today are confined to their rooms, to their laptops, cell-phones and TV screens," he says, adding that it was regrettable that the human to human connectivity has vanished.

He said during the 70s, there was a culture of ideology on campus where students used to organise intellectual debates and they had their own opinions.

"Today, despite the presence of computer technology, there is no such culture, which is sad," he said, adding that the students in the 70s had discussions on economic and global issues and they were more tolerant and listened to each other's views with respect.

Dr Khan believes that unlike the 70s, nowadays there are no discussions among boys and girls while religious intolerance has also increased. He also believes that the sense of ownership has vanished among the students and they are least interested in national and international movements unlike the past.

He is of the opinion that the university students of today are not social unlike the students of the 70s and they are living alienated and isolated lives.

Dr Mumtaz Salik of the Punjab University also laments the declining campus culture, saying the students of the present day do not have vision and exposure as was witnessed among the students in the 70s.

"There was a will of struggle among the students and they were more committed, he said, recalling his own life as a university student.

Despite a clear division between the left and right groups, everyone was open to the other's views and defended his views through arguments.

"Students in our times were not only confined to course books but they would also read contemporary literature as well as other classic writers and poets, he said, adding that there were ample opportunities for students to develop the leadership qualities while they had active role in the country's politics.

He said it was unfortunate that all positive activities which played significant role in the personality development of students had been vanishing rapidly.

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King Edward Medical University (KEMU) exam schedule
Lahore: The King Edward Medical University (KEMU) has announced the schedule for the annual examinations 2008 of various Professionals of MBBS. According to a press release on Wednesday, the MBBS First Professional Part-I examination will start on November 1, First Professional Part-II on Dec 2, Second Professional on Dec 29, Third Professional on Dec 26 and Final Professional exam on Dec 27. Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Zafarullah Khan said the university was introducing, for the first time, multiple choice questions other than short essay questions, problem solving questions and long essay questions. He said the new building of Examination Department was under construction and would start its function after Eid-ul-Fitr. The News

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11 IJT students injured in scuffle with police
Lahore: At least 11 students of the Islami Jamiat Talaba (IJT) were injured in a clash with policemen of Old Anarkali on Wednesday night. Later, dozens of IJT members protested against the police torture.

According to Hafiz Irfan Idrees, the IJT nazim of Islamia College Civil Lines, the policemen started the fight. He said three college students had gone out when policemen arrived and questioned them. Idrees said the policemen started abusing the boys and harsh words were exchanged. Hearing about the scuffle, more college students rushed to their fellows' aid and all of them battered each other. He asked the CM to take notice.

Islampura SHO Munawwar Dogar said Tiger Squad officials from Old Anarkali Police had stopped three students for pillion riding. He said the students scuffled with the policemen who retaliated. He said he would register the case if the Old Anarkali police complained about it, which he said was not likely. Daily Times

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