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British Chevening Scholarships open
Karachi, Sep 06, 2008: The British Chevening Scholarships for 2009-10 have been announced, said a press release from the British Council Friday.

Funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and administered by the British Council, this scholarship is a prestigious award that enables overseas students to study in the United Kingdom.

Scholarships are offered in over 150 countries and enable talented graduates and bright young professionals to become familiar with the UK, gain new skills or update current ones. The overall aim for these future leaders is to benefit their countries upon their return.

Each year the Chevening programme provides around 2,300 new scholarships for postgraduate studies or research at UK institutions of higher education. In Pakistan, scholarships are awarded to Pakistani nationals of high intellectual ability who will play a formative role in Pakistan's development.

Eligible candidates can apply for one year's postgraduate study and choose from a wide variety of subjects economics, gender studies, Human Rights, International Relations, Law, Management, Media Studies, Public Administration, Social Development, Inter-faith Studies, International Conflict, Governance and Democracy, Public sector reform, Economic Governance and Reform, Migration, Citizenship and International Security.

The scholarships cover the full cost of study in the UK. Applicants: must have a Masters' degree or a four-year Bachelors degree from any recognised university in Pakistan or the equivalent from an overseas institution; should normally be between 25 and 35 years of age; must have a minimum of three years of work experience; must be Pakistani citizens. Dual nationals are not eligible. They must not have received in the past three years any British government funded academic award. To find out more and to apply before Monday 15 September 2008, please visit

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"Dear, My son Mir Haris secured 2nd position in madrasa exam. Results: Aallamia Muhammad Tahir of Jamia Darul Uloom Karachi (JDK) came first with 584 marks in the class Aalmia (Masters level), Faheemullah of Jamia Usmania Peshawar came second (575 marks) and Mir Haris of Jamia Al-Uloom Islamia Karachi (JUIK) stood third (573 marks). pl guide me about scholorship"
Name: Fazal
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan

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Karachi students take top slots in national madrassa exams
Karachi: Students at Karachi's madrassas have beaten their counterparts across the country in the annual examinations held by the biggest madrassa board, the Wafaqul Madaris Al-Arabia Pakistan. Out of a total of 48 positions, they claimed 31, up from 20 last year. Boys did better.

These exams were conducted from August 2 to 7 for a total of 176,914 students (76,926 female candidates). According to the Wafaq's central examination committee's Maulana Mehmoodul Hasan Ashraf, 82 percent or 144,689 candidates passed (63,943 female students). A total of 32,000 candidates failed. Approximately, 3,986 madrassas participated and more than 12,000 seminaries in Pakistan are affiliated with the Wafaq with 1,100 of them from Karachi alone. A total of 6,199 male and female invigilators oversaw the exams throughout the country.

After Karachi, the students who won top positions came from the Punjab (12), and there were five from the NWFP. The Wafaq's Qari Hanif Jhalandri put this down to the fact that Karachi had more seminaries and the educational standard at them was at its peak.

He was not that bothered about the number of failures at 18 percent, which he said was a normal ratio.

Results: Aallamia Muhammad Tahir of Jamia Darul Uloom Karachi (JDK) came first with 584 marks in the class Aalmia (Masters level), Faheemullah of Jamia Usmania Peshawar came second (575 marks) and Mir Haris of Jamia Al-Uloom Islamia Karachi (JUIK) stood third (573 marks).

In the class Aalia (Graduation level) Kalimullah of JDK came first (589 marks), Imran Khan of Darul Uloom Islamia Arabia Mardan second (581 marks) and Muhammad Ismail of JUIK third (569 marks).

In the class for Shanwia Khasa (Intermediate level), Muhammad Shadab of JUIK came first (597 marks), Izharul Haq and Zubair Ahmed of JDK both second (586 marks) and Arshad Qamar of JDK third (583 marks).

In class Shanwia Aamia (General Intermediate level), Sanaullah of Jamia Al-Rasheed Karachi (JARK) came first (593 marks), Fazl Wahid of JARK second (586 marks) and Izhar Ahmed of Jamia Farooquia Karachi third (585 marks).

In the Dar Assat Dinia class (Primary and Secondary level, first year), Abdul Rehman of Muthedul Uloom Islamia Karachi came first with 567 marks, Madrassa Amjadia Peshawar's Aizazullah came second with 560 marks. Muhammad Amjad, in his second year of Muhid Al-Khail Al-Islami Karachi (MAKAIK) came first with 557 marks and Ghazanfar Hussain of the same madrassa came second with 548 marks. Third position went to Asadullah of MAKAIK and Nazir of Darul Uloom Madania Bahawalpur with 543 marks. In third year, Hussain Ahmed, Muhammad Kashif and Adil Sadiq of Fehmul Quran Academy Jang came first, second and third, respectively.

Out of the female candidates of the Aallamia class, Mahila of JUIK came first (572 marks), Jamia Misbah Al-Quran Abbottabad's Zainab came second (551 marks) and Shahina of Jamia Yousufia Karachi (JYK) came third (546 marks).

Sana of the Aalia class at JUK came first with 567 marks, Sumia of Darul Uloom for Women Sahiwal came second with 562 marks and Razia and Tayyaba of Jamia Qasmia Islamabad and JYK, respectively, both came third with 558 marks.

In the Sanwia Khasa class, Ayesha of Madrassa Fatimatul Zehra Abbottabad came first (597 marks), Sadaf of Madrassa Nizamia Karachi (MNK) second (596) and Ayesha of Jamia Khudejatul Qubra Karachi came third with 582 marks.

In the Sanwia Aamia class, Saba of MNK came first with 576 marks, Tahira of Jamia Ehae Uloom Tilagang and Shamim of Jamia Rehmania Mandi Bahauddin came second with 575 marks and Ayesha of Madrassa Hanafia, Gujrat came third with 572 marks.

Nida and Imama came first in the Dar Assat Dina class (first year) by securing 593 marks, Sana with 583 and Ayesha with 579 marks came second and third. They are all MAKAIK students.

For the second year students, Hadiqa of MAKAIK came first (578), Mehreen of JDK second (573) and Humera of Jamia Binoria SITE Karachi came third with 570 marks.

MAKAIK's Ayesha Zehra, Zunira and Zainab came first, second and third with 591,590 and 588 marks, respectively, in the third-year exams. Daily Times

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