Medical colleges entrance test transparency in doubt

Entrance test transparency in doubt
Lahore, Sep 27: Further doubts are raised over the transparency of entrance test to medical/dental colleges as University of Health Sciences has failed to dispatch complete kit containing copies of attempted answer sheets along with correct answer keys and merit numbers of the students in the examination.

Several students from Lahore said that UHS had sent only a single page document with name, roll number and pass/fail result, adding that there was no copy of answer sheet, correct answer keys to compare their answers, and most importantly, the merit number of each candidate in the entrance test.

"One wonders if UHS was only asked to determine pass/fail status of the students because it had already been done by the respective Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education," they said.

Besides, the students in far-off districts have also complained that they had not yet received the complete result key although UHS was known for doing everything in a hurry.

"The UHS even performs sensitive tasks in a hurry such as conducting examinations and declaring results as quickly as possible without caring about the careers and future of the students," they added.

The students from Lahore said that several students and their parents had written letters addressed to vice chancellor of UHS and to the chief minister and prime minister, mentioning anomalies in holding and declaration of the result of entrance test, which made the whole process of admissions to medical/dental colleges of Punjab doubtful. The medical teachers, while requesting not to mention their names, also raised questions over the level of transparency in 12 different centres, especially in smaller districts of the province.

"We've received several complaints about cheating in centres at small districts like Gujrat, Gujranwala, Sahiwal, etc.," they alleged and added that local influence in smaller districts was a key factor behind such anomalies.

"The establishment of 12 centres for holding entry test is just like the examination system of boards in the province," they said and added that transportation of examination material one or two days before the test might also have disturbed secrecy.

They further said that UET was used to conduct entry test at five centres established only in big cities, which also helped to maintain secrecy besides avoiding local influence at centres in big cities.

Besides, Majid Bashir from Lahore, one of the candidates who appeared in the entrance test, also criticised UHS for showing extra efficiency in the declaration of the test result within 72 hours and wished if UHS had been able to maintain the integrity of the whole result.

After declaration of result, he said that sudden addition of 218 results had created panic among the students and their parents as this change has affected the result of many students. "This is not only surprising but also made the whole result process very much doubtful," he added.

He said that UHS had posted reasons on its website for this such as some students have not filled the MCQ Paper ID and Roll Number correctly in their Response Forms; FSc results are being continuously revised after process of re-checking by various boards; Hafiz-e-Quran students get 20 marks extra and these marks have not been added in this list as they have to be verified by special Board of Hufaz-e-Quran.

However, in response to these reasons, he asked the UHS chairman that why they were in so hurry to declare result within 72 hours and did not wait to have the abovementioned information so that the result could have been declared on a single occasion. Under this scenario, nobody can believe that this is transparent. We are all living in a country where no rule of law exists.

Everything is possible in Pakistan, only one has to be financially sound or well connected.

He urged the chancellor of UHS and chief minister of Punjab to order a high-level inquiry so that facts could be known.

When contacted, UHS Vice Chancellor Prof Hussain Mubbashar Malik claimed that the UHS had dispatched complete kit with copies of attempted answer sheets along with correct answer keys to compare their answers. "If any student wants to check his result or answer sheet, he/she would be completely facilitated at the UHS for their complete satisfaction in this regard," he added.

However, he admitted that UHS had not mentioned the merit numbers of the students on their result cards as the results of entry test would be further revised due to revision in the results of FSc examination by various boards. "The first consolidated merit list would be displayed on October 25," he added.

When contacted, Secretary Health Anwaar A Khan said that Health Department had not initiated any enquiry to verify allegations into the transparency of holding of entry test and declaration of result. "The RL result of 218 candidates was bound to happen as various boards had revised FSc result on applications of re-checking filed by many students," he added. The News

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"my entry test no.are not correct 564. Anyone please give me chance to recheck my entry test paper. because red key is not correct, please recheck my entry test paper.because i cant able to came in uhs and tell me my real nos."
Name: ans hanif
City, Country: sialkot, Pakistan

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Punjab University ordered to admit BSCS student
Lahore: Justice Hafiz Tariq Nasim of the Lahore High Court (LHC) on Friday ordered the Punjab University (PU) administration to admit a student in BSCS (computer sciences) after the latter was denied admission for being late in depositing his fees. The judge issued this order on a petition by Ans Riaz.

The petitioner's counsels, Muzamil Akhter Shabir and Muqtedir Akhter Shabir, submitted that Riaz approached the admission clerk for depositing the fees on September 13, but he was told to come on Monday as it was Saturday and the bank time was until 12 noon. However, the clerk refused to accept the fees on Monday, saying the last date of receiving the fees was September 13.

The counsels argued that the petitioner was at number 16 on the merit list, however, the respondents purposely misguided the petitioner to accommodate some other student of their choice.

The petitioner approached the PU College of Information Technology principal, but he was not ready to listen to him.

On the court's order, College Principal Dr Syed Mansoor Sarwar appeared before the court and stated that any student who did not deposit the fees by the last date could not be accommodated, as there was a first-come-first-serve basis.

The judge observed that it was not disputed that the petitioner was on the merit list, therefore, why would he concoct up a story that he had not been allowed to deposit the fees. Hence, the judge declared the action of the respondents as illegal and directed the administration to admit the petitioner on merit. Daily Times

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All Punjab private schools to be registered
Lahore: The Punjab government has decided to evolve a uniform registration policy for private schools of the province according to which all the schools operating in the private sector would be registered for a period of five years.

According to the sources, earlier there was no uniform policy owing to which private schools had to face a lot of problems. They said earlier schools were registered for one or two years, adding open-ended registration were also awarded to some schools.

"The ambiguity in connection with registration have been irking the owners of private schools besides creating a sense of discrimination among them", the sources said adding "The new policy would certainly solve all such issues".

It is learnt that the Punjab School Education Department held a number of meetings with the representatives of private schools in connection with registration issue recently. The representatives of private schools as well as different associations of private schools informed that there was uncertainty about registration owing to which they had to face a lot of troubles.

They maintained that rules in connection with the registration of private schools were not clear because of which there were schools which were awarded open ended registrations unlike many others. They added the ambiguity was creating confusion demanding the government must evolve a uniform policy in this regard.

Official sources disclosed that after thorough deliberations it was decided that a uniform policy of registration would be introduced after brining amendments in the previous rules. "It has been decided in principle that the minimum period of registration would be five years", they added.

They said the new policy would be a great favor for private sector schools as they had been complaining in this regard for long, adding the government also hoped that private sector would also reciprocate in a similar manner.

They maintained that the department would ensure the registration of maximum number of schools, adding it was another issue that there were private schools which had been operating without being registered. They added registrations would also be cancelled if schools violated rules of the government in this regard.

They said the government also wanted to regulate fee of the private schools, especially the elite schools. However, it had to fee extreme pressure in this regard.

It is important to mention here that the previous PML-Q government had decided to form a regulatory body for private schools of the province but to no avail. It also decided to take action against the unregistered private schools but nothing happened afterwards except a few schools were issued notices.

A senior official, seeking anonymity, said there was no provision to regulate fee of the private schools in the Punjab Private Educational Institutions (Promotion and Regulation) Ordinance, 1984, adding the previous government wanted to amend the said Ordinance but to no avail. He said despite the fact that the said Ordinance was clear about penalties on unregistered school no action was being taken against such schools. About the unregistered schools the Ordinance states "Subject to the provisions of section 3 whoever continues to run an institution without registration or after refusal or cancellation of registration, shall be punished with fine which may extend to one hundred rupees for each day during which the contravention continues."

It adds, "Where the contravention continues for a period of three months, the institution shall, be liable to be closed down by the Registering Authority-Provided that no order under sub-section (2) shall be made without giving to the incharge of the institution an opportunity of being heard."

Secretary School Education Department Punjab Nadeem Ashraf said a summary regarding amendments in rules about registration of private schools would soon be sent to the chief minister for final approval adding according to the new uniform policy all schools would be registered for a period of five years.

To a question, he said the government was also considering to regulate fee of private schools apprehending such a step might prove to be counter productive. He said the number of schools charging heavy fee was very low, adding people were after all sending their children to such schools. There were enforcement issues too, he concluded. The News

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TEVTA launches training courses
Lahore: In order to meet the growing demand of skilled manpower in the economy, short training courses for agriculture, food preservation, civil technology, refrigeration, air conditioning and information technology would be launched to train the required manpower, said Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA) Chairman Mohsin Syed on Friday.

He said that in order to make maximum use of the few technical and intellectual resources available, an efficient system would be introduced to involve industry, agriculture and academia in the management of TEVTA institution. He added that this would also help TEVTA in policy formation according to the demand of the industry. In this regard, decisions were taken at the 21st meeting of the TEVTA with it's newly appointed chairman.

TEVTA also accorded approval for the restructuring of the organisation, and for the introduction of TEVTA Matric Vocational institutions for girls from the age of 15 to allow the females to be more productive in the society and the economy. To promote the idea of public and private partnerships, proposals to collaborate with the University of Management and Technology (UMT) were endorsed. To meet the demand of the construction industry, training programmes for civil technologies would also be introduced. Daily Times

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