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GCU students protest against 'GPA system'
Lahore, Sep 25: Students of Government College University (GCU) staged a protest demonstration in front of Lahore Press Club against the management of GCU here on Wednesday.

The protesting students blamed that the management had been putting their future at stake by adopting the methods of GPA (grade point average) and relative marking for their promotion to next the classes.

It is worth mentioning here that GCU has expelled 125 students of third year after their failure to meet the GPA criteria.

The charged students carrying placards and banners chanted slogans against the university management and demanded the chief minister and governor Punjab to intervene and save their future.

The students said they had been dropped out when they had no other option as all other colleges and universities have closed the admissions. At the time of admission only 40 per cent were the passing marks but now, according to the new rules, the students having 70 to 80 per cent marks are not being accepted, they maintained. We have not been given any chance to improve out GPA as well.

The students said the university management never took them into confidence about the GPA and the new criterion was also not mentioned in the prospectus of the college.

They demanded of the management to change the attendance system in the college.

The students staging protest seemed scared and nervous, reluctant to disclose their identity or face camera.

They further said the university management admitted 1,100 students at the time of admission and now it is being said that the university will award degrees to 10 students only. Every university gives opportunity to the students to have migration to the other university but GCU is not doing so.

A student said the VC had threatened all the male and female students that if they spoke about the change of rules of the university they would be awarded Red Card after which they would not be able to get admission in any other university of the country. Another student said the registrar had warned them that those students involved in protest demonstrations would be forcibly migrated to other universities.

"We want the replacement of GPA system as it causes problems for even the brilliant students in promotion to the next classes" said a student carrying a placard in his hands. The Nation

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PU administration evicts illegal residents from hostel
Lahore: The Punjab University (PU) administration removed more than a dozen illegal residents from Hostel Number 16, and later handed them to the police, however, no members belonging to any political group were arrested, it was learnt on Wednesday.

Dozens of PU teachers, security guards and other important officials raided Hostel Number 19 for security purposes. More than a dozen outsiders were removed by the administration and handed over to the police. After the recent recovery of weapons from the PU hostels, the administration has announced that they would be carrying out such operations regularly to remove the illegal activities taking place on university premises.

However, the police did not have a major role to play in this operation. According to PU Hall Council Chairman Dr Saeed Ahmed Nagra, the PU Vice-Chancellor (VC) framed a committee for the purpose of searching the hostels for weapons and other illegal possessions, and the police was not a part of this operation as it was on university premises.

Early warning: Several PU students said that political activists of the varsity had received advance warning of the operation. Jamal Khan, a student at the university, said that students belonging to the University Students Federation (USF) had already held a meeting regarding the raid, and had decided to leave the campus. Similarly, he said that the Islami Jamiat Talaba (IJT) activits had also left the campus, after they were informed of the possibility of a raid. Jamal said that the hostel employees, who had been on good terms with the activists, had informed the students about the raid.

Another student, Shafqat Mirza, said that the raid was just a drama that created problems in the hostel as not even a single political activist was arrested. He said that the administration was well informed of the whereabouts of the political activists, and they purposely raided a hostel that was not known for illegal activities. He added that the raid proved to be of little use, as it only served as a warning for the political activists who were now on high alert.

Condemnation: PU IJT Nazim Jamia Rana Zahid said that the administration was creating an unfriendly and insecure atmosphere by inviting the police on campus. He said that if such operations were to be carried out, wardens and superintendents of the hostels should lead them. He accused the PU administration of trying to stop the students' elections by conducting such raids.

IJT Media Secretary Muhammad Rehan claimed that IJT activists were not using any of the rooms at the hostel. Daily Times

Rechecking of PU New Campus Colony houses
Lahore: On the complaints of residents of new houses at the Punjab University New Campus Colony, the Engineering Branch will recheck the locks and other fittings of the houses and the contractors will be made responsible for re-fixing the faulty fittings.

According to a press statement, it was decided in the Campus Management Committee meeting held with the Dean Faculty of Science Dr Jamil Anwar Chaudhry in the chair.

Project Engineer Sheikh Muhammad Ali told that the main cause of the delay in the completion of construction work of various departments was the non-payment to the contractors. Member Syndicate Syed Zia Ullah Shah pointed out that houses belonging to Institute of Education and Research (IER) were in poor condition and needed repairs. It was decided that the Director IER would be invited in the next committee meeting and this problem would be discussed and steps would be taken to resolve it.

It was also decided that the priority of different maintenance and construction jobs would be decided in the next meeting. Along with Project Director Lt-Col Mir Pervez Khurshid and Additional Treasurer Rao Muhammad Sharif, Resident Officer-I Dr Bashir Ahmad, Resident Officer-II Malik Muhammad Zaheer and Prof Javed Sami were also present on the occasion.

PU organises seminar: THE Punjab University Department of History, in collaboration with Pakistan Study Center (PSC), organised a seminar on "Some New Developments in Partition Studies" at the auditorium of History Department.

Dr Pippa Virdee, Convener of Punjab Research Group at UK and an expert on Muslim Women's Experience during partition of the Punjab, was the keynote speaker. She emphasized the importance of discovering alternative sources for rewriting the history of partition of Punjab. She believed that the earlier focus on high politics left large gaps and these could only be filled by grounding the historical work at the grassroots level. She spoke about the significance of oral testimony in the partition narratives and pointed out that this would give a human dimension to partition story.

According to her, there is still a need to unearth the personal narratives of marginalised groups, particularly the women. She also questioned the audience about their own family recollections of the partition.

Prof Dr S Qalb-i-Abid spoke on the difficulties faced by the migrating families from East to West Punjab and West to East Punjab. He also pointed out that the administration of the Punjab should have played a key role in minimizing the difficulties and problems faced by the migrating families.

PU Mehfil-e-Naat: THE Punjab University, in connection with its 125th year celebrations, will organise a Mehfil-e-Naat on Thursday (today) at 11:00 at the Faisal Auditorium on New Campus. Vice Chancellor Dr Mujahid Kamran will preside over the Mehfil.

Separate place for prayers demanded at PU
Lahore: Muttahida Talaba Mahaz (MTM) Pakistan has demanded Governor Punjab and vice-chancellor Punjab University solve the problem of prayers of students of particular sect and allocate a separate place for offering prayers for them.

Addressing a press conference on Wednesday, MTM central president Syed Rashid Gardezi along with central president of Imamia Students Organization (ISO) said it was the right of every Muslim to perform his religious duties according to his sect. He said the university administration was making the issue controversial. It is pertinent to mention here that the PU administration has maintained that there is no restriction on anybody to perform his religious duties. The MTM president also condemned the recovery of weapons in the Punjab University premises and criticized the university administration for poor security arrangements. He said those responsible should be brought to book. The News

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Visiting faculty Dilemia With Punjab University
Lahore: I am student of one the oldest seat of learning in the subcontinent and one of the biggest university of Pakistan,University Of The Punjab. I am currently mailing u this article which is related to the academic background. Punjab University is famous for having its superb faculty in every field of study and this faculty is serving in a large number of departments. The faculty comprises of teachers which are Doctors and minimum masters in their relevant field.The faculty has a strong background of research activities and has won best university teacher award many times. Despite of these facts usuallyPunjab University is in problem which is the shortage of faculty.To fill the lack of faculty visiting persons are hired which have been teaching or still teaching in other universities.

Now the problem starts, visiting faculty are the teachers which are hired by the university administration or departmental administration to fill the gap of specialized teachers in their respective fields. This visiting faculty is offered best packages from the university administration. But the matter of fact is that most of the teachers don't fulfill the demands and requirements of the students and most of them have a true greed of money. For this they teach the students less standardised syllabus and then give the free hand student in the cause of their GPA.

I currently graduated from the Institute Of Biochemistry and Biotechnology . I amwriting this article on the behalf ofmy juniors and i personally feel this unjustifiable.There is a teacher named as Dr. ****** serving as visiting teacher. Dr. ****** is alecturer in railway road college Lahore. He has entered in the department because of thethis favour that he has donehis doctorate with a permanent faculty member of the Institute. The studentsof theDr.****** had a clear cut objection on the wayteaching of Dr. ****** and protested against this injustice done to them by the Director. But the were forced to sew their tongues becauseof the relationsof Dr.****** with the members of the faculty of the department. The future of the students of IBBison stake.Dr.****** has a very revenge full nature and deducted the marks of those students who protested against him. It is requested that the culture of University should be changed and nomore lecturers of colleges should be hired to teach the students at university level. Otherwise it will really affect the creativity and the ranking of University also. And it is my request to the authoritized persons to take this mail into notice and take a strict action against the system and Dr. ******. So that no one should dare to play politics in the sacred environment on university and to the futures of students which are future of Pakistan. Thank u so much!

Sent by email student.of.pu@gmail.com

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