HEC Talent Farming Scholarship result

Talent Farming Scholarship result
Islamabad, Sep 19: The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has announced the results for award of scholarships to BSc/BSc (Hons) and MSc students under the 'Talent Farming Scheme.' The test was conducted simultaneously in 12 cities around the country on August 17, 2008, says a press release.

The result has been prepared on the basis of regional quota applying 60 per cent weightage to academic record and 40 per cent weightage to the test score. The scholarship is initially awarded for a period of one year subject to estimation for the second year on student obtaining 60 per cent marks in Part-I in the annual system and 75 per cent marks in the first two semesters in the semester system. Award letters will be sent to successful candidates soon.

The roll numbers of successful candidates are BSc/BSc (Hons) in order of merit/regional quota:

(Merit) BID-53, BID-36, BID-88, BFD-10, BFD-11, BID-35, BID-79, BPR-2, BFD-9, BID-18; (Punjab) BLR-168, BID-73, BID-29, BLR-02, BMN-10, BID-39, BID-31, BLR-144, BLR-48, BLR-178, BID-58, BID-08, BLR-33, BLR-08, BLR-123, BLR-76, BLR-67, BMN-12, BID-82, BID-41, BMN-9, BLR-61, BLR-85, BLR-136, BID-11, BLR-05, BLR-06, BID-28, BID-56, BID-44, BLR-121, BLR-39, BMN-3, BLR-40, BID-13, BMN-1, BMN-2, BID-46, BLR-42, BID-42, BID-38, BLR-07, BLR-91, BMN-7, BID-55, BLR-14, BLR-03, BID-34, BFD-6, BID-32; (NWFP) MB-11, BPR-41, BPR-28, BPR-12, BID-10, BID-61, BPR-22, BPR-52, MRB-14, BPR-20, BPR-54; (Sindh) BID-37, BK-23, BK-19, BHD-28, BK-20, BK-1, BK-10, BHD-20, BK-28, BK-6; (Balochistan) QB-1; (Fata/Fana) Nil; (AJK) BID-12.

MSc in order of merit/regional quota: (Merit) MFD-2, MID-163, MID-32, MID-43, MID-23, MID-92, MLR-101, MID-77, MLR-134, MID-31; (Punjab) MID-76, MLR-74, MID-90, MID-138, MID-118, MID-10, MLR-91, MLR-95, MID-56, MID-69, MID-136, MLR-106, MLR-53, MID-83, MLR-57, MLR-26, MID-37, MID-73, MID-100, MID-30, MLR-76, MID-33, MID-7, MID-171, MLR-58, MLR-73, MID-88, MID-38, MID-36, MID-166, MID-87, MLR-130, MID-85, MID-51, MID-167, MID-41, MLR-98, MID-160, MID-42, MID-133, MID-109, MNM-8, MID-174, MFD-11, MLR-9, MLR-131, MID-70, MID-119, MLR-94, MLR-123; (NWFP) MS-17, MPR-70, MID-20, MPR-62, MPR-74, MS-15, MPR-105, MPR-33, MID-187, MPR-87, MID-39; (Sindh) MID-105, MKR-14, SKM-9, MHD-7, MKR-8, MKR-16, MKR-9, MKR-3, MKR-15, MKR-6, MKR-10, MHD-2, MKR-5, MHD-5, MKR-1, MHD-10, MKR-11; (Balochistan) QM-8, QM-17, QM-12, QM-16; (Fata/Fana) MPR-101, MID-189, MPR-97, MID-190; (AJK) MID-82, MID-54. App

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BDS Students unable to meet required quota
Islamabad: A large number of dentistry students are facing problems regarding the treatment of patients to meet their prescribed quota in the holy month of Ramzan, it was learnt.

An exclusive survey revealed that students of almost all the medical dental colleges, both private and government, were finding it extremely difficult to meet the requirement for the treatment of particular number of patients, as prescribed by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC).

Medical students studying Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) are being asked to treat a fixed number of patients under the instructions of PMDC. The students of final year are subjected to meet the prescribed quota, a necessary requirement for acquiring their graduation degree.

The number of patients for the quota depends upon the structure and set-up of dental colleges. Ordinarily, every student of dentistry has to treat around 80 to 100 patients during the final year.

The dental colleges students while talking to this scribe remarked that the medical treatment that undergraduate students had to carry out included teeth extraction, teeth filling, cavity preparation and other remedies against tooth decay adding usually, each student had to attend around 50 patients for tooth extraction, around 30 patients for filling and almost 20 patients for other diseases.

"These are the tentative figures of patient's quota for every students in the dental colleges of twin cities," observed another student.

The students further informed that PMDC gave a two months time to each dental college to get its students meet the settled criteria. Two months are given to each student for tooth extraction, filling and other treatments respectively, through out the year, mentioned another student.

However, during the holy month of Ramzan, the number of patients who intend to visit dental hospitals is much lesser than expected thus causing problems for students. "Most of the patients are reluctant to get teeth treatment in Ramzan since they believe that teeth treatment during fasting tends to break their fasts," said another student.

Almost every dental college has its own dental hospital where the students treat the patients and can meet the quota requirements. But owing to the month of Ramzan, majority of patients believe that teeth treatment can undo their fasts, which subsequently, has reduced the number of visitors during fasting hours.

"People are willing to visit dental hospitals after iftar. But these are off timings for the students who have to study hard in the evenings amidst fast approaching exams," stated a senior teacher of a medical college, adding that students could only attend the patients in their college timings on account of their hectic schedule after college hours.

The students also cited lacunae in meeting the patient's quota under current circumstances, with their exams around the corner. The send-up exams for dental colleges are to be commenced in the last week of Ramazan. Where as, the quota deadlines for most of the colleges are going to expire immediately after Ramazan at the start of October.

"How can we concentrate on our exams when we have to find maximum number of patients to meet our academic requirements," said a student and revealed that students are searching for patients on their own in order to fulfil the desired requirements.

The students and faculty members of several dental colleges have demanded of the PMDC and University of Health Sciences to extend the date of deadline for patient's quota. The deadline should be extended since students are unable to find sufficient number of patients in Ramazan, suggested a faculty member of a dental college. "This quota thing is affecting students' preparations for examination," he maintained.

Prominent dentists and surgeons of medical colleges have emphasised upon the creation of awareness among people about teeth treatment in the holy month of Ramazan. People need to be educated about the fact that teeth treatment does not break their fasts since the intake of any nutritious diet can result in fast breakage while teeth treatment doesn't serve any such purpose, added a senior dental surgeon. The Nation

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