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IBCC rules prevent medical student from practising
Karachi, Sep 25: Students with foreign qualifications in Pakistan are continuing to suffer in both academic and professional years owing to the criteria of the Inter Board Chairmen's Committee (IBCC) when it comes to foreign students.

The IBCC has a formula to convert the scores of students with foreign qualifications into scores matching those of the local grading system, but several students are not satisfied with it. The case of Javeria Nishat is a clear example of the impact the IBCC rules can have on a student's career.

As an honour-roll student, Javeria Nishat completed the tenth grade in 1998 from Beirut Evangelical School for Girls and Boys in Lebanon, which follows the American education system. Nishat moved to Karachi, but would not be admitted in any college under the Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (BIEK) with her qualifications, and so completed her A-levels from The City School in 2000.

After she completed her A-levels, Nishat stumbled upon the obstacle all A-level students in Pakistan face: none of the government colleges would accept her A-levels without an equivalence certificate. Sir Syed Medical College at Boat Basin proved to be the exception, and accepted Nishat. Here, she excelled in her studies and remained top of her class during the first two years of her MBBS degree.

After her first two years, Nishat got transferred to Baqai Medical University, where she maintained her exemplary academic record, and completed her medical degree in 2006. The university, which accepted Nishat's school records and A-level certificates as they were, assured her that she will face no trouble getting registered with the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC). Upon graduating, however, Nishat was denied a licence by the PMDC on the grounds that her school documents were unacceptable.

The reason for this was that Nishat had not taken any O-level examinations. She had instead passed the tenth grade, which at her school was the American equivalent of O-levels. When contacted, the IBCC informed her that since her record showed she had not studied Pakistan Studies, Islamiat, and Urdu, she would need to take O-level examinations.

Nishat, who had topped her class at medical university and passed all the exams necessary to qualify as a doctor in 2006, had to take Pakistan Studies, Islamiat, and Urdu at O-level. All together, she got two As and a C, but despite several visits to the IBCC office, her documents were not accepted until May this year. Along with the O-level certificates, Nishat supplied the IBCC with the contact details of her school in Lebanon to verify her school documents. However, the IBCC has asked Nishat to travel to Lebanon and bring back a certificate for the Accreditation Status of School.

When Secretary IBCC, Islamabad, Muhammad Ramzan Achakzai was contacted, he said, "Students should meet the requirements and standards set by the IBCC and arrange for necessary documents." Responding to a question about the case of Javeria Nishat, Achakzai said, "It is difficult to comment on an individual case but if she has been asked for Accreditation of School Certificate she should do it as it helps expedite the process."

He further said that there should be a stamp of accreditation agency with which the school is accredited. If the accreditation status of her school is unclear, he said, then it must be verified as which accreditation agency has certified her school. "We don't only ask students to show the concerned certificates but also contact their schools on our own," he added.

Unlike many other top graduates, Nishat does not wish to work abroad. She wants to serve her country and is qualified to do it, but she is not being allowed to. "I am a doctor, but I am not allowed to take any (medical) exams or practice my job," laments Nishat. "I am not even recognised as a doctor." Despite her experiences with the IBCC, Nishat still clings on to some hope. "Exceptions can be made for exceptional people," she says.

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"main ne saanvia amma ka imtihan pass kiya howa hy us ka equlvelent certificate chaheye."
Name: zaheer ahmed
Email: zaheer.ahmed37@yahoo.com
City, Country: sadikabad, pakistan

"I had completed my dae(food) passed from govt collage of technology faisalabad.how can i be make my dae certificate equlance with fsc(non medical).i had got 2060/3300(60percent). plz reply me "
Name: sheikh
Email: owaisangel_mindfreak@yahoo.com
City, Country: faisalabad,pakistan

"i have submitted my original 12th grade certificate with application for equalenvce on 13th may 2010.please inform me when my equalence will issue me. thanks"
Name: khatimullah
Email: khatimullah4_u@yahoo.com
City, Country: peshawar

"dear all unfortunately IBCC website is not helpful at all.i am trying to find out the formula for equivalance for my son who has done GCSE and A level from uk. could some body in IBCC or HEC SPEND SOME TIME OR HIRE SOME EXPERT READILY AVAILABLE IN PAKISTAN TO IMPROVE THIS HORRIBLE WEBSITE TO MAKE IT USER FRIENDLY. THANKS."
Name: Dr zahid akbar
Email: dr_zahidakbar@hotmail.com
City, Country: Bangor,north wales,uk

ibcc is useless organization. it should be finished . it is a burden on the gop.ibcc have never given a clear formula of equivalence. at present their website is silent. no link is being opened except their contacts. but they would never offer any help to any one on phone. all this is *******."
Name: z.a.zulfi
City, Country: islamabad pakistan

Email: perwez_safi@yahoo.com
City, Country: peshawar

"mera admission kon se college me"
Name: waqas ahmed
Email: waqasbaloch12@yahoo.com
City, Country: karachi pakistan

"The IBCC love to give students the run around.. Its been a miserable time dealing with them. Please get rid of this useless organization who just want your money and arent willing to do their job efficiently. Everyone would be crying or upset in the offices of the IBCC, because no one knows what the hell they are doing there. No one picks up the phone and their website looks like it was developed by a 12 year old.. May Allah punish those in the IBCC who are messing with peoples brain, time , emotions, and money."
Name: Palwasha
Email: platin432@hotmail.com
City, Country: California, USA

"i hav done O-level .... from where i will get my equilance...... w8ng for rply"
Name: saqib
Email: khansaqib40@gmail.com
City, Country: pakistan

"I completed my O levels and got equivalence certificate from IBCC but for admission in HSC exams the board is asking about migration certificate, from where i will get that certificate"
Name: Immad Khowaja
Email: lovely_leo32@hotmail.com
City, Country:Hyderabad,Pakistan

"I want to aatetation to some certificate papaers of my sister in law what porcedure give me answer with detail procedure thanks"
Name: Anwer
Email: anwer_1024@yahoo.com
City, Country:karachi

"Assalam-o-Alaikum There is a great problems with BHMS Graguates (MScin general stream) Details are as follows, Students who passed Matric Science with (Phy, Che, Bio)subjects got admission in DHMS (Diploma in Homoeopathic Medical Sciences)4 years diploma, when thy pass the DHMS diploma, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur provide admission to these (diploma holders)in 5 years BHMS (Bachelor of homoeopathic Medical Sciences = MSc in general stream)degree program. these students when thy pass 2 years of BHMS (1st and 2nd year)they appear in English subject of BSc (Pak Studies & Islamic Studies are included in BHMS 1st Proff, the already passed)the Islamia University of Bahawalpur awarded these students BSc degree. When these students complete their 5 years Degree program University awarded them BHMS degree with the equivalency of MSc in general stream. Now the matter is that, for higher education and Employment in BPS 17 (as recommended by HEC) they demand the Equivalency of DHMS equal to FSc (12 years education). how can student can Produce the Equivalency of DHMS equal to FSc.???? What can IBCC do, for this.??? why Islamia University of bahawalpul, gave admission to these students.???? Students have BSc & BHMS degrees, (equivalent to Msc) but having no proof of FSc. what they do.???? PleaseReply Sir, Yours Obediently, Abdul Aziz ************Dera Ghazi Khan "
Name: Abdul Aziz
Email: homoeodraziz@yahoo.com
City, Country:G Khan

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Placement list for Humanities group(male) announced
Karachi: The chairman, Centralised Admission Policy (CAP) committee, Prof Dr Rafique Ahmed Siddiqui, on Wednesday announced the placement result of Humanities (male) 2008.

The maximum (opening) and minimum (closing) marks in the admission list in all government boys colleges of Karachi are as follows:

S# Name of College Min Marks Max Marks

1 Government National College - morning 369 663

2 Government National College - evening 286 558

3 Islamia Arts & Commerce College - morning 283 642

4 Islamia Arts & Commerce College - evening 285 654

5 Government Jamia Millia Degree College - morning 313 561

6 Liaquat Government College Malir - evening 289 659

7 Govt Degree Arts & Commerce College, Korangi - evening 305 690

8 Allama Iqbal Government College - evening 314 613

9 Government Boys College, Razaqabad 295 426

10 Government Degree College Murad Memon Goth 292 622

11 Government Degree College, Landhi Quaidabad 297 588

12 Government Degree Boys College, Korangi-2 289 617

13 HAH Government Boys College - morning 290 676

14 HAH Government Boys College - evening 305 613

15 SM Government Arts/Commerce College - morning 295 659

16 SM Government Arts/Commerce College - evening 309 529

17 Government City College Musa Colony - evening 303 489

18 Government Sirajud Daula College - morning 282 495

19 Government Sirajud Daula College - evening 301 537

20 Government Degree College, Konkar Village 373 621

21 Government Jinnah College 377 658

22 Government Degree Boys College Jungle Shah 324 602

23 Quaid-e-Millat Government College - evening 315 454

24 Government Degree Boys College Shams Pir 321 488

25 Government College for Boys Baldia Town 285 578

26 Government Degree Boys College KMC Store Nishtar Road 327 460. The News

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EU releases first installment of 39m-euro aid for education dept
Karachi: The European Union (EU) has released the first installment of the 39 million euros in its aid program, aimed to uplift and upgrade the education institutes of Sindh.

According to officials of the Sindh education department, the EU has released six million euros. This amount has been transferred to the Sindh finance department and will soon be transferred to the education department.

Payment had been stopped due to EU apprehensions about the non-transparency of the mechanism adopted for recruitment of teachers in schools and colleges during the tenure of the previous regime. "The EU officials were not satisfied with the procedure of inducting teachers in schools, prompting them to stop the release of funds," said the officials. "However, the EU had assured us that after the introduction of a transparent procedure, the funds be released."

In addition to the EU's financial aid, the officials also informed this correspondent that the World Bank (WB) had also given the go-ahead for the release of the second installment of its loan of $100 million to the education department. "After the first installment, WB officials halted payment as they too felt that the recruitment procedure was unfair," said the officials.

They added that to comply with the conditions of these international organizations, the education department had adopted a more transparent recruitment procedure and cancelled all previous appointments. "The induction of 7,000 primary teachers through an improved testing system went a long way in persuading the EU and WB officials to release the aid money," said the officials. Daily Times

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University of Balochistan student Distinction
Rawalpindi: Yasmin Zahra Jafri has recently earned her PhD in Statistics (Wind Data) from the University of Balochistan, Quetta, making her the first female in Balochistan and the second in Pakistan to earn a PhD in this subject. Her work is useful for the prediction of diverse data with recent modelling and simulation techniques, says a press release She has been serving at the University of Balochistan since 1984 and has to her credit many research papers published in prestigious international journals. The News

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