Karachi University postponed exams new schedule

Postponed KU exams rescheduled
Karachi, Sep 01, 2008: The University of Karachi has revised the schedule for the postponed papers of BPEd, BEd, MEd and MBBS examinations.

Following is the schedule: BEd: Teaching of Commerce/ General Science on Sept 6; Teaching of Chemistry/Pakistan Studies on Sept 8, Teaching of Mathematics on Sept 9 and Teaching of English, Physics/ Sindhi/Urdu on Sept 10.

MEd: Curriculum Planning and Development on Sept 6.

BPEd: Rules and Techniques of Games on Sept 6, Rules and Techniques of Olympics and Re-creative Sports on Sept 8, Anatomy and Physiology on

Sept 9 and Health Education on Sept 10.

MBBS: ENT (final) on Sept 2 and EYE (final ) on Sept 4. PPI

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"main maloom karna chatha ho b.com part 1 ka examnination ka. Plz anyone."
Name: jawed alam
Email: jawed_aalam@hotmail.com
City, Country: karachi, Pakistan

"Whats the new schedule of postponed paper of dated 04, 05 and 06 of Dec. 2008."
Name: Ghulam Ahmed
Email: gahmed1984@hotmail.com
City, Country: karachi, Pakistan

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KU B.A./B.Sc. (Pass) and B.Com exam forms date extended
Karachi: The date for the submission of examination forms and fees for regular students of B.A./B.Sc. (Pass) and B.Com Annual Examination 2008 (Fresh and failure) has been extended to September 8, the University of Karachi Controller of Examinations said in a statement issued Sunday. The initial deadline was September 1.

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When the world goes topsy turvy for a KU student
Karachi: Once again we hear the sounds of gunfire. The battle cries echo from every corner, the armies have been amassed, the battle standards raised. Once again the cobbled streets of learning are running red with the blood of innocents.

Around this time last year, news broke of a blast in a minibus killing four people. In close repeat of that incident, this year again four people have died. Three of whom were students. The difference being that this time they were shot in the face rather than a cowardly lobbed grenade and an aimless spray of bullets.

The bottom line is the same though - four people killed, three of them students of University of Karachi. As a percentage of 24,000 students enrolled, three students makes up barely 0.0125 per cent. But are they merely numbers? They were human beings, students with bright futures ahead of them. They died - for whom? To their party they were no more than cannon fodder for greater motives, otherwise who in their sane mind would treat a seat of learning as a firing range.

Last year's bus attacks claimed the life of one OF my friends - Imran Shahid - whose political affiliations teetered on the edges of a religious party. He took the bullet for his peers, his life for theirs. His life was taken – but what end did it serve? We are back to square one, as four mortal remains are buried six feet beneath the ground again.

I have spent four years in this university. Four years that certainly would have been more enjoyable, more worthwhile had these student gangs kept their meddling, feuding noses at the gates. Countless study hours have been lost just on the whim and fancy of one party or the other. Whether they take to cracking open heads or are spreading their mantras of peace – which incidentally also involves cracking heads open.

Sure we get to spend a few days at home, but if we wanted to spend time at home we would not have bothered to take admission in the leading university of Sindh. We would not walk up to two kilometres every morning just to get to the class. Take mundane classes all day long and then put up with the self centred politics of these groups.

The Rangers - here to protect and serve, though they do exactly that, only for themselves. They stay in the premises of a boy's hostel for our brothers from out of town. These students coming from all over Pakistan now are forced to put up outside university in privately rented spaces, paying exorbitant amounts of rent, watching helplessly as their right is usurped by our defenders. These defenders are good men though. They follow orders - the orders of putting their tails between their legs and fleeing at the sight of trouble.

One wonders why can't the KU be more like one of its ex-departments, a prestigious business administration institute, located smack in the middle of the university, this institute has no record of any intimidation by any of these political parties. Come rain or hail, they carry on unperturbed. No political party can even dare to venture within the territory of that institution. Such is the respect commanded, that even graffiti chooses to stay away from its walls.

Having to walk past this institute every morning in my two kilometre walk to the department, I feel envious. Why is it that these hooligans and bullies can get away with shutting down the classes at the university and are afraid of doing the same to another institute? Moreover, the members of such parties do not even attend classes regularly. They have no interest in studying. Yet they never seem to be troubled by having insufficient attendance or getting the right grades. Their purpose is to pillage, to shout the name of the Lord and legitimise their sins.

The authorities can't help the students. The Vice Chancellor stays barricaded in his room. Meanwhile, the University Security staff can't even protect its monthly wages from being swiped from under their noses. It appears that time has come for the students to take matters in their own hands.

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KU Botanical Garden opened for public
Karachi: The Botanical Garden at the University of Karachi (KU) would be opened for the general public once a week on Saturdays, KU Botanical Garden Director Prof. Dr Anjum Perveen said in a statement issued on Sunday. Educational institutes would be able to visit the garden on Thursdays, she said, adding that the ģeducational gardenī had great significance for botany students and researchers, as well as people interested in horticulture. The garden will remain open from 3:00pm to 5:30pm from September to February, and from 3:30pm to 6:30pm from March to August. The history of precious plants is available at the garden and the Code Bar system would also be introduced very soon to facilitate visitors, Prof. Dr Perveen said. The News

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