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KU security: the Rangers and the buffaloes
Karachi, Sep 09: The bosses of the University of Karachi (KU) have just witnessed four dead bodies on August 26 and naturally they are worried about the security in the campus. The interesting thing, though, is the tongue in cheek language they are using. University officers' association has demanded security 'for the officers, teachers and non-teaching staff of the university'. There was no mention of the 22,000 students of the university. The teachers are concerned about their own security but they have not the slightest thought about the students. They think the Rangers are the answer to the unrest in the campus forgetting the fact that they, as the teachers, too have the responsibility to look after the interests of the students.

The university is seeking security through the Rangers, who have been stationed there for more than 20 years. Their performance in restoring peace in the university might be questionable but they have immaculate record in seeking and receiving all the luxuries of life at the expense of the university and the students.

They have occupied some blocks of the students' hostels including the International hostel for the overseas students. The students are living in the rented homes and apartments, sometimes in cramped spaces and unhygienic environment. The Rangers have also occupied a house meant for a professor of the university and built a drab and ugly contraption of a house beside that residence which is an eyesore for the teachers and students. The funny thing is that they are never there when the two student factions are engaged in free for all brawls that sometimes develop in to bloody feuds.

As though it was not enough an officer of the Rangers or as the security staff at the Staff Town gate of the university said "Aik fauji officer ki bhaisen hain", (herd of buffaloes are grazing inside the campus belong to an officer). It is a matter of great concern. Not for the reason of university's sanctity being trampled under the hooves of the merry buffaloes, but the possibility of the buffaloes being used to smuggle in bombs or arms inside the campus.

People of Karachi in general and those of Gulistan-e-Jauhar in particular are becoming used to seeing the cattle walking leisurely on the roads, cyclists carrying charpoys on their heads and entire families travelling on the pushcarts blocking the roads. But the spectacle of buffaloes perusing their mission of food-finding still enthralls and baffles them.

KU teachers, other staff asked to collect ID cards
Karachi: Registrar Karachi University (KU), Muhammad Rais Alvi, on Monday, requested all faculty members/ Officers, non-teaching staff, research scholars, cooperative teachers, employees of various institutes/ banks, operative within the premises of the University, who did not receive their service IDs, to obtain their employment cards and vehicle barrier passes from relevant offices.

He said that the employees could get the cards till September 12, 2008 for the entry in the campus/premises, to ensure further security of the campus. Meanwhile, on Monday, the KU extended the date for submitting examination forms and fee of regular candidates of BA and BSc (pass) and B.Com graduate level annual examination 2008 (fresh and failure) from September 9 to September 16.

The prescribed fee for B.Com (regular) and BSc (pass) part-I, II is Rs1,150; the fee for both parts B.Com (regular) and B.Sc (pass) is Rs1,975; BA (pass) regular part-I, II Rs985 and BA (pass) regular both parts Rs1,785. The News

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Islamic studies popular PhDs
Karachi: Three out of 11 PhDs awarded by the University of Karachi (KU) were in Quran and Sunnah studies. KU awarded 18 degrees on Monday including seven M.Phils.

KU Registrar Prof. Muhammad Rais Alvi announced on Tuesday that the Board of Advanced Studies and Research (BASR), KU, in its meeting held on June 16 and July 7, 2008, under the chairmanship of Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui, awarded the degrees in various disciplines.

The PhD remains dominated by Islamic studies, and those awarded to Akhlaq Ahmed, Nighat Akram and Nasir Ali Khan were in the Quran and Sunnah. Another popular and related PhD is in Usool-ud-Din undertaken by Ghazala Aleem.

The two PhDs awarded in Urdu went to Shaheen Naqvi and Sadaf Fatima. Rizwana Chang, meanwhile, received a PhD in Mass Communications, Shakil Ahmed Don in Chemistry, Sumera Ishrat in Social Work, Kausar Parveen in Sociology and Faraha Lalani in Public Administration.
On the other hand, the trend in M.Phil degrees was more consistent, leaning towards modern scienc es. Baradi Waryani received a degree in Marine Biology, Syeda Saba Aleem in Pharmaceutics, Imteaz Hussain in Mathematics, Sajjad Haider in Pharmaceutics, Ambreen Niazi in Physiology, Muhammad Suhail Tariq in Geology and Zebun Nisa in Pharmaceutics. Daily Times

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BSEK announces suppl exam forms date
Karachi: Secretary Board of Secondary Education Karachi has announced that the registration forms of candidates willing to appear in the SSC Supplementary Examination 2008 in special subject/papers and failures of other boards would be accepted till September 30, without late fee (Rs340). A late fee of Rs500 would be fined from October 1 and onward. The registration forms shall be accepted in room No-4 of the board. The News

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