O/A Level students protest against IBCC's treatment

O/A Level students protest biased treatment
Lahore, Sep 06, 2008: Students of O/A Level staged a protest demonstration outside Lahore Press Club here on Friday against the discriminatory treatment of Interboard Committee of Chairman (IBCC) regarding their admission in public universities.

They were carrying placards and banners inscribed with slogans against IBCC and chanted slogans in favour of their demands.

Dr Farhat, representative of the O/A Level students later addressing a press conference said that we, the parents of these students, have spent everything for these children to get quality education.

These students are the cream of the nation but in this system they are badly affected, as there is hardly any admission for these students in the professional colleges. In 2007 there was only one student of 0/A Level who managed to get admission in King Edward Medical University on open merit because IBCC grossly failed to keep uniformity among the 0/A Level students and the local education system. They could not maintain harmony among the foreign universities like Cambridge and local education system.

IBCC has put a seal (upper limit marks) of 935 that are given at the time of equivalence certificate and Pakistan Medical and Dental Council clearly wrote that 0/A Level students have been badly affected and their future is ruined by IBCC committee. Furthermore, the O/A Level students are tested from FSc course which is more memory based whereas 0/A level consists of the conceptual studies and a lot of hard work is instilled by the students.

At the time of giving equivalence certificate, 15 to 20 per cent of the marks given by Cambridge University get reduced. As a result they cannot get admission in any professional college and their future is ruined at the hands of the IBCC.

The topper of FC College got 1060 marks out of 1100 in FSc course in 2007 whereas the topper of Cambridge University scored 935 marks only. This examination is held in more than 100 countries.

In the recent years FSc examination course has introduced multiple-choice questions, as a result they get maximum marks whereas 0/A Level students severally suffer in this regard.

Dr Farhat demanded that there should be no reduction in the marks given by the Cambridge University. The entry test of 0/A Level students should be from their respective course. The Nation

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"This protest was staged to highlight the unfair attitude of IBCC towards the O an Alevel students.In my opinion,there are two feasible solutions to this grave issue.i.e.there should be fixed a quota of seats in the govt. universities for the O and A level students according to the percentage of students taking this exam. Secondly, there is the long-term solution whereby either a new test should be formulated based on a course that favours neither system i.e.O/A level or FSc., or citizens of Pakistna shold no longer be allowed to opt for O/A level papers and instead only one revised and improved local system of education should prevail in the country allowing equal opportunity and fair competition."
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"yeah thats true the future of O/A level students is being runid by IBCC. Go Dr.Farhat were with you.."
Name: Ishtiaq
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"I ve agitated this issue.There is a need to make a delegation and see CM punjab."
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"kemu accept complete Alevel or also As A2 level"
Name: zakirullah khan
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Punjab University fails to upload first merit lists
Lahore: The Punjab University's Admission Committee has failed to upload the first merit lists of its BA/BSc and MA/MSc admissions.

Several candidates from across the country complained that only five percent of the departments had uploaded their merit lists on the PU website. When contacted, PU Admission Committee Chairman Prof Dr Jamil Anwar Chaudhry said that most department heads had ignored his notification to submit hard copies of merit lists to the computer department. He said that he would get the merit lists uploaded on the PU website as soon as possible. app

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Punjab University incentive to BA/BSc toppers
Lahore: Punjab University Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran has announced that the students, who secured top three positions in the PU BA/BSc annual examinations for 2008 and have got a valid admission to any of the varsity' s department, institute, centre or college, are exempt from any dues. Dawn

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Closure of private medical college irks parents in Peshawar
Peshawar: Parents of FSc students have expressed severe concern over the closure of Jinnah Institute of Medical Sciences, Peshawar despite the fact that the college has removed the deficiencies so far identified by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council in its last yearĘs inspection. In a press release a joint committee of the parents of the FSc students who were denied admission in the government medical colleges stated that more than 60,000 students have cleared their FSc examination in NWFP and the government medical colleges were accommodating only 1000 students.

The parents regretted that there were already very few medical colleges in the Frontier and the students getting high marks in their FSc exam and would be deprived of getting admission in the MBBS. They said this trend would lead to suicide attempts by the frustrated students and the government should encourage the private medical institutions. It is heartening to say that in the government colleges even candidates getting more than 900/1100 marks have failed to get medical seat, they added. The committee regretted that in Pakistan when the private investors are invited to invest in the developmental initiatives, they are promised best incentives in the beginning but later due to political mess and the matter of like and dislike discourage the investors and the new entrants avoid to launch their projects thus giving serious setback to the economic stability of the nation. It said the same was the case with the Jinnah Institute of Medical Sciences, Peshawar NWFP where the owners were now repenting their mistake to invest in the private sector.

It may be recalled that the institute was registered with the Peshawar University and the Higher Education Regulatory Authorities (HERA) had also recognized it. When the institute applied for recognition with the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council, Islamabad, it refused to recognize it mentioning certain deficiencies in the existing laboratories and attached teaching hospital. The management of the institute was removing the deficiencies but some political representatives of the MMA government intervened in the matter and persuaded the authorities to close down the institute thus giving serious setback to the investors who had spent billions of rupees on the project. Now when the management has removed the deficiencies so far identified by the PM&DC and was also ready to made all the required payments. It is injustice with the management of the JMIS not to recognize it. The parents have demanded of the PM&DC to allow the college to reopen and start admissions and finalize the recognition process in due course to save the students from further frustration. F.P. Report

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Name: sajjad
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"Me medical student,exactly know why the jims was closed.Blame on mma for closure of jims is absolutley baseless bec along with this college other substandard colleges in the whole country were closed by the suprem court.MMA gov established medical univercity for the very first time in nwfp,three medical colleges i_t bannu medical college,kohat medical college,khyber girls medical college,were also estabished.Morover saidu and gomal medical colleges were recognized by pmdc in mma era."
Name: Shams wazir
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"MMA has surely been involved to close coz they were deciding to open their own private medical college....Peshawar medical college...though peshawar medical college doesnt meet any standard of jinah institute of medical sciences but as it got support by the mma politicians it is still working...God bless our country."
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