O/A level students criticised IBC's equivalence formula

O/A level students resent deduction in marks
Islamabad, Sep 04, 2008: Students having completed 'O' and 'A' level education have criticised the Inter Board Committee's (IBC) "equivalence and conversion formula for foreign grades/marks into Pak equivalent marks" demanding the authorities concerned to revise it.

A number of students, Wednesday, approached and recorded their grievances. They said that around 30 per cent of A-level qualifying students are suffering because of the IBC equivalence and conversion formula.

They further said that according to this formula, A-level students' actual marks are deducted according to the Pakistani equivalent marks by: 10% on given marks in case of external examination system and 20% in case of internal examination system.

Under this formula their marks and grades after deduction are given thus:

Calling the formula unfair and unjust the students as well as their parents protested that O/A level system of education is among the best systems of education recognised throughout the world. The students under this system have to solve toughest questions set according to the world best standards. Their papers are evaluated on the same international standards by the Cambridge and other international universities' professors.

But when they apply for admission to their country's professional colleges, medical, engineering or any other professional institute, their marks are slashed between 10% and 30% under the same equivalence formula set by IBC. They have called this deduction unjust and without any reason as according to this formula 98% marks of a student in the O, A-level examination are reduced 85% making his or her chances of admission bleak.

Similarly, for the entry test they are asked to either appear in the examination set according to old FSc course or new FSc course but no question paper is set according to A-level pattern.

Questioning the wisdom of the decision, they asked why these students are not allowed to appear in the question paper set according to A-level pattern.

Now when the students of the local colleges and institutes are preparing for entry test seeking admission to professional colleges and institutes, A-level students' future still hangs in balance. They have demanded of the government to first take decision keeping in view A-level students' grievances then conduct entry tests and begin admissions process in professional institutes. They demanded that for A-level students entry test should be conducted at their convenience.

Grades Converted Minus 10 Pak Equivalent

Marks Marks

A-plus 85 -10 75
A 80 -10 65
B-plus 70 -10 55
B 60 -10 45.

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"what is the equivalncy formula for A level after doing matric?"
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"How can I convert my grades into marks to get admission in FSc. WHAT IS THE FORMULA"
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Students waiting for HSSC certificates for four years
Rawalpindi: Students who had passed the Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) Annual Examination way back in 2004 are still waiting for their certificates.

The inordinate delay on part of the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE), Rawalpindi, has affected the future of a large number of students. Some students lost good job opportunities, as they don't have their HSSC certificates with them, while some could not avail the facility of scholarships coming their way.

Rana Saleem, who had completed his BS course from the University of Arid Agriculture, Rawalpindi, said "I could not get admission in the master's programme as I haven't received my HSSC certificate as yet," he added.

Another student, Sidra Naqvi, said "I have lost a lot of opportunities for scholarship, both in the country and abroad, due to four-year delay in the delivery of HSSC certificate."

According to sources, in the past certificates of HSSC and SSC were dispatched to addresses of candidates two years after they passed these examinations.

When contacted, BISE (Rawalpindi) Secretary Humayun Iqbal said "The printing process of intermediate certificates has been completed and all candidates who appeared in annual examinations of 2004, 2005 and 2006 sessions would receive their certificates this month." He said "Delay in dispatching of certificates occurred due to some internal problems of the printing corporation and BISE."

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Prize distribution ceremony held at National Textile Institute (NTI)
Islamabad: The National Textile Institute (NTI) held its annual prize distribution ceremony for students who excelled in textile designing and fashion show.

Students of FA-FSc and BA-BSc and master's level participated in the exhibition by setting up stalls displaying embroidered dresses in different designs and colours.

Addressing students on the occasion, Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) Executive Director Tauqir Nasir said that there was no dearth of talent in the country.

Educational institutions should take the responsibility of exploring the latent potential of the young pool. "It is an era of scientific and technical education. There is a need to equip students with education which could fulfil requirements of the present day and prepare young people for future challenges," he said.

PNCA Coordinator Mehmooda Ghazia appreciated students for showing their best performance and asked them to continue with the same spirit and hard work to achieve national prosperity.

She underlined on the

need for making concerted efforts to prepare the country's youth for challenges by

equipping them with technical education on the pattern of

NTI to bring the country at par with developed countries in terms of socio-economic development. The News

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