Elite private schools & polio vaccination

Elite capital schools refuse polio vaccination
Islamabad, Sep 24: The managements of almost all elite private schools of the capital city have refused to allow administration of polio vaccine to children during the recently-concluded polio immunisation campaign, learnt here on Tuesday.

The district health administration of Islamabad - one of the 56 high-risk districts - took part in the additional (Ramazan) polio round conducted from September 15-17.

Most elite schools of Islamabad refused to allow the vaccination teams to enter their premises. An official working for the district health administration informed that they had been facing problems in achieving their target because the administrations of private schools, especially leading chain systems, had refused to get their students vaccinated against the deadly poliovirus.

An official working for the Expanded Programme on Immunisation revealed that after the detection of two P1 Type and one P3 Type cases from Islamabad in the high transmission season, it was necessary that each and every child of Islamabad gets his share of the vital polio vaccine. "The moment a new case is confirmed, the life of almost 50,000 children under the age of five living in the surrounding areas is in danger of getting the virus. Refusing schools must get these children vaccinated so that their immunity levels are brought up to optimum levels," he said.

According to the official, one of the many reasons behind this massive refusal could be the lack of awareness regarding extra doses of the crucial polio vaccine. "Children getting routine vaccination as per their vaccination cards is a big issue, as schools did not allow vaccination teams to enter their premises saying that their children have completed the routine vaccination and they do not need any further doses. It is the responsibility of hospitals and doctors to inform parents regarding the massive need for such doses," he said.

According to the target set for the campaign, about 25 million children under the age of five were to be administered anti-polio vaccine in the whole province.

Pakistan has reported 57 cases during the current year, out of which Punjab has reported 12, Sindh 16, Balochistan 6, Islamabad 3 and NWFP is leading the count with 21 positive polio cases.

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Students of women college to stage sit-in against teachers
Islamabad: The students of Islamabad Commerce College for Women, F-10/3, would stage sit in today (Wednesday) against strict punishment and humiliated behaviour of the college administration and teachers.

The students of B-Com and I-Com of Women College of Commerce, F-8/3, while narrating their problems underlined that they were subjected to physical torture even in the holy month of Ramazan without any solid reason and they were forced to stand in open place under sun.

They underscored that the physical punishment by the teachers have become daily routine and it is difficult for them to pay attention to their studies.

The students alleged that the teachers including Nosheen Zahoor, Amna Afzal, Huma Iram and other teachers behaved immorally with them and threatened them to expel from the college while the principal of the college also does not take any action. The News

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50pc cut in fare for students urged
Islamabad: Members of the Youth Parliament strongly condemned the attacks in Islamabad in a call to attentions notice, put forward by Aurangzeb Marri (YP55SINDH07). He requested the government to bring out a tangible solution to the problem and requested the foreign minister to work on the policies related to this serious issue.

The Youth Parliament unanimously agreed to the plea and the Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Babar (YP21PUNJAB02) referred the matter to the relevant committee for policy formulation.The Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Babar (YP21PUNJAB02) won the Vote of Confidence in the parliament under the Rule 19 of the Rules of Procedure and conduct of Business in the Youth Parliament 2008.

Muhammad Rafique Wassan (YP59SINDH11), Minister for Law, Parliamentary Affairs and Human Rights announced the elected member chairs of the Standing Committees: Waqar Nayyar (YP05BALOCHISTAN03), Foreign Affairs & Defence, Umair Farrukh Raja (YP36PUNJAB17), Education, Health and Environment, Ms. Maria Ishaq (YP26PUNJAB07), Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs, Syed Waqas Ali Kausar (YP01AJK01), Law, Parliamentary Affairs and Human Rights, Noor (YP08FATA01), Information and Ahmed Javed (YP23PUNJAB04), Finance, Planning Affairs and Economics.

Zameer Ahmed Malik (YP50SINDH02) and Waqas Aslam Rana (YP38PUNJAB19) moved a motion on the energy crisis prevailing in Pakistan.

The House debated on the issue and people discussed about the possible solutions and recommendations to cope with it. The house unanimously passed this resolution as well.A resolution was put forward by Muhammad Khalil Tahir, (YP02-AJK02) on up to 50 percent discounts in the local transport fee for students.

Suggestions were put forward to have special considerations for women and senior citizens, and the physically impaired. The House unanimously agreed on the resolution. Another resolution on stablishing a Youth Fund proposed by Hira Batool Rizvi (YP15-NWFP03), for the purpose of educating the deprived and needy youth, was also passed by the House. Altogether, three resolutions were passed on the floor. During the session break, Javed , Former Senator and Former Minister for Information and Broadcasting, addressed the Youth Parliament.

He congratulated the leader of the House and the leader of the opposition. He condemned the attacks in Islamabad. He advised young men not to stigmatise politics as it is the most venerable mode of public service.
He further explained the concept of democracy to the members of youth Parliament and explained that democracy is a continuously evolving phenomenon. The discussion was followed by a questions and answers round. The Nation

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