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FSc position holders fail colleges entrance exam

FSc position holders fail to secure medical or dental admissions
Lahore, Sep 18: All seven top three-position holders of the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) in their FSc (pre-medical) exams have failed to maintain their positions for the entrance examination for medical/dental colleges.

The University of Health Sciences (UHS) on Tuesday announced the result of the entrance examination for the medical/dental colleges across Punjab.

Of the 18,263 candidates, 16,487 secured more than 40% in the entry test and are now eligible to apply for the 2,313 seats in the medical/dental colleges.

Of the remaining, 1,558 candidates failed to secure 40%.

Those who managed to secure the top positions in the entry test were not from Lahore and were also not amongst the BISE FSc toppers.

Talha Niaz from Faisalabad secured 92.5% in the test and stood first. After having obtained 997 marks in his FSc, he ended up with 1,034 marks in the entry test.

Khizra Mumtaz from Multan, secured 91.9% and stood second in the entry test. After having obtained 1,010 marks in her FSc, she ended up with 1,006 marks in the entry test.

Fahad Zafer from Attock secured 91.64% and secured third position. After having obtained 1,024 marks in his FSc, he ended up with 986 marks on his entry test.

Exemption: The toppers condemned the criteria of the entry test and said that they should have been exempted from it in the first place, as their failure to secure positions disintegrated years of hard work in just two hours.

The students said that they were disheartened by the entry test result and that they should be exempted by the government from such types of entry tests.

Wardah Malik, who topped the FSc, said that her result was really disheartening for her, as she was not expecting it, adding that the government should give special treatment to the position holders.

Fizza Mubashir, who was third in FSc, said that she had wished to apply for one of the 260 seats at the King Edward Medical University (KEMU), but the entry test was so risky that now she might not be able to secure her admission in KEMU as she in the 243th position.

Some students also criticised the BISE examination system and said that due to the weak examination system, they were unable to maintain their positions.

However, Aneeqa Nasir, who shared the third position in FSc, said that even though she had secured the ninth position in the entry test, she was satisfied with her progress, as the test was easy, adding that she was in the favor of such entry tests.

BISE Examination Controller Manzoorulhasan Niazi said that the students who were unable to perform their best in the test were suited to explain their performance.

UHS Vice-Chairman Malik Hussain Mubashir had earlier said that the entry test was not out of the students' course-pack and was in accordance with the FSc standard.

The student and teacher community has already condemned the entry test system on various occasions and the chief minister formed a committee last month to review the status of the test. Daily Times

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"I secured 917 marks in F.Sc pre-Medical. And failed to get Admission in PMCs. I asked every one about the entry test and they said just get 80% of total and u will get admission in PMCs. I got 81.59% total wid 849 in entry test. Now tell me wst should i do. Where to go??? whom to contact??????? and what should be my Future Plans??????? i cant afford Private institutions..."
Name: Azhar
City, Country: Rawalpindi, Pakistan

"i am the students who got above 80% marks in entry test & 81% marks in but couldnt got n.i am amongst the few students of federal board who managed to get A-1 grade in of the students of federal board couldnt acheived this because of the toughness of papers,even some questions are not from standards.In 1st year we couldnt got any choice in the papers.My question is from authorities that isnt it right to compare marks of fbise students with other boards and to make merit list accordingly who cleared easy papers with full of choice."
Name: mm
City, Country: islamabad, Pakistan

"my daughter secured 81.3454 percentagein entry test for MBBS and her merit number is 3003.can anybody tell me what should i do for my dughter.where should i go to seek the admission.there is also confusion abut the seats on open merit.forst it was announced that top 2700 students can apply for admiision but now it is learnt that only2300 students can get is a joke with all the students .i appeal to the cheif minister to plz intervene and alllow all such candidates who have secured more tha 80 percent marks."
Name: malik younis
City, Country: chakwal, Pakistan

"Well, FSc position holders not being able to secure admission in the medical colleges is not a surprising news! Last yearthe same thing happened in the UET admissions test. And are these FSc position holders angels that they should be exempt from the entry test. Why? Is FSc an international qualification? Just memorizing notes and books doesnt mean that they are knowledgable than the other students. An A-Level student who has acheived straight As can easily defeat an FSc student who has got 1000+ marks because A-Level is based on concepts, novel or even unheard of by FSc students. Teachers in my college (Crescent College) repeatedly stress the level of understanding of A-Level students which is much much better than FSc students!!"
Name: Suhaib
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"I M agree with this committee and not in favor because of the committee members taking money for admission up to Rs.70,000.00 from a student to give admission in the college in which he/she wants and giving favor to their friends and relatives. The committee members did not follow the letters of Education Minister and any other minister of PPP. I appeal to the Chief Minister of Sindh, Governer of Sindh, Prime Minister, and President of Pakistan to restore the previous admission policy and withdraw CAP ordinance/bill at the earliest."
Name: Kamran
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan

"The result of entery test is sufficient proof of corruption and inefficiency of BISEs. IM sure and witness how thses top position holders manage their position in BISEs by money and influence."
Name: prof kala khan awan
City, Country: Abbottabad, Pakistan

"I dont understand the reason why FSc position holders failed to clear the test! This has not happened for the first time. Last year this happened in ECAT. But what about A-Level students? Arent they Pakistanis? If FSc students have got positions and good marks, A-Level students straight As. They work extremely hard, even harder than their FSc counterparts! Why should FSc position holders be exempt from the test? And now BISE Lahore and other boards award more marks than ever before, 1000+ is no problem! Just have to learn! Thats all! More than 90% in English is getting common? Is FSc English so easy?"
Name: Suhaib
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"well after reading all the comment above and being an a-1 grade student of FEDERAL BOARD ( in bold because dude its possible it may be hard but its your job to study all your syllabus)once i sympathize with the toppers. it must indeed be very disheartening for them and no doubt they must have woked hard on their terms..its not their fault as the teachers the course and the examination pattern provided to them is ,i dont think up to the standards of this entry test that they eventuall have to face,,, however it also is a fact that the entry test really picks the intellectuals for the may be so that there is some corruption but i wont blame anyone as i dont have a proof and neither should anyone else unless they have one...well coming to the point i think our govt. should transfer our mode of education to that of cambridge system so atleast the students are prepared to face the entry test and also they dont have to spendddd wicked amout of money for the tutions for entry tests..its shameful how the teachers have made this a business playing with the emotions of crazy to be a doc. students and their parents...but kids entry test is a good thing if you want to be a doc you have to study thorough and understand what you read not ecluding ay of your syllabus its hard i admit but its fair to those who spend day and night covering all teh syllabus:) and also i know it might not seem like this to u right now but abhi ishq kai imtihaan aur bhi hai mbbs is not teh end of life abhi tu life shuroo hui hai...eplore new upcoming of luck i hope your lifes bring whtever is best for you all..."
Name: hooria
City, Country: nashville,usa

"Ithink MCAT should not be abolished because it gives another chance to repeaters and there is nothing out of course in MCAT I also availed an oppurtunity to sit in examination hall of MCAT and secured 1015 marks and i think it is upto the mental level of students."
City, Country: burewala, Pakistan

"Well first of all i would like to say that the pakistan education system STTTTIIIINNKKKK Its the worst education system all over the world!!!!!!!! The members of our education ministry are not educated people( well by their policies, they never do seem educated!) they are just those ordinary red tomatoes with cruddy spectacles n bald heads!!!, who themselves are matric(science) fail and claim that they know how to teach us engineering!!!!!!!????? Please dont make me laugh!!!!!!!!!All you members are criminals, who have ruined lives n futures of millions of students during the last 60 years!!!!!! Now coming to the awful education ( so called system): First of all the federal board has no such reputation or as u say in ur mother tongue( in ki koi auqaat nai hai) to make an equilance of the cambridge system!!!!!!!!! im a student of o levels, i got 1A at 93% N 7Bs at 89%, not all As but very close, my computer project stood third in the cambridge!!!!!! My father has dealt with these matters of universities and he told me to switch over to fsc so that i will have no prob of equilance and will have majority seats, + im an o levels student and can secure a result in the entry test!!!! I thought it might be the same as in cambridge but slap me everyone i was soooooooo wrong!!!!!!!! I have lost my aptitude and now i have doubts on my own abilities, my confidence is below sea level, i have to face helll discrimination!!!!!!! my fellows in fsc(not less than a bunch of mr so called einstein A.K.A rattu parrots) all the time barking" hey have u crames this, hey have u cramed that?" its lyk they eat texts of their books for dinner!!!!!!!!!!!! and wen we put a conceptual question infront of them! as expected they are without a single clue!!!!!! and instead of admitting that we are betr who know the answer, they call us story tellers!!!!!!!!!!!!! "We make our own concepts"!!!!!!!! just take a look at their thoughts!!!!!!! teachers, students and the environment, wen u switch from cambridge to federal board shit!!!!!! to come to know y ur country is soooo far behind the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it seemed to me dat lyk ive been thrown from a VIP boeing to a village!!!i dnt have much more time, but i surely will complete my part of the insult for u federal board!!!!!!!!!!!!! in the end" Cambridge students are the BEST" and will surely excel u!!!!! "
Name: Saifullah Sajjad
City, Country: Islamabad, Pakistan

"hi i m usman. i m in fsc 2nd year i want some information about entry test of uet lahor or texila do plz help me thannx ."
Name: usman
City, Country: BAHAWALPUR, Pakistan

"well although i cud nt manage to get admission in any medical colg bt still m in favour ov mcat bcz its da only oppertunity for da lhr students to compete da students ov rural areas,sorry to say bt these students r nt talanted bt only excellent crammers."
Name: nimoz
City, Country:lahore, Pakistan

"I think the Government should set a merit like 80%+ should get admission in medical univ. We need more doctors in our country, and when is student is passed by boards he should be given opportunity. The government must increase seats of medical. "
Name: Mian Allah Yar
City, Country:lahore, Pakistan

"I did my O levels with 5as and 3 bs-A is for 90% and abv while b for 80% and abv and seeking admission in best colleges was very difficult!!althogh cambridge students have to face really tough questions and use their minds, as understanding a question is a question itself in o lev.I sought admisson for fsc just coz of the fact that a lev students get their marks deducted in the time of admission we were compared with students who had done matriculation from fed and even other boards!WHAT SORT OF JUSTICE IS THIS!!!in equivalance they convert 95% to 85% ignoring the fact that we have to give papers that are manier times difficult than the end i wud just say that o lev student has to go through many hardships even if he gets straight As when u convert the marks they are not more than 892 as our marks are deducted in equivalance ,i dunno on what basis.and now doing fsc i ve heard tht fedral board is the toughest than y is it compared with other boards. all boards should be made equal.and for the o/a lev student there shud be equal no of seats as for the matric/fsc ones. i dont know when are these people going to realize that o lev students have to go through so much difficulties and still they make them equal to BISE.students ive seen in fsc are just rote learners,they dont have much good concepts and students of o lev face difficulty in rote learning.the first step shud be the eradication of rata system as it is by no means a way of success. "
Name: meee
City, Country: Islamabad, Pakistan

"i actually i did my matric from federal board now realizing the importance of cambridge and edexcel i want to do o level so that there will be no problem at the time of entrance test will it be all right anybody please give me a quick reply as i dont have much time"
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan

"really,according to my opinion,fsc students should work hard,so that tommorro they should show their itelligencf.zia sikandri.thax"
Name: zia
City, Country: bannu

"karachi board is bastered. they take money to give percentage. I am not satisfied with their checking."
Name: hacker thunder
City, Country: karachi

"I hope that fsc and entry test is base on luck... every body trie this."
Name: zeeshan ali
City, Country: gujranawala

Name: umair aftab
City, Country:Lahore,Pakistan

"i wud like to say to minister of education plz remember u were also a student plz rahm karan"
Name: Muzamil Shahzad
City, Country:Faisalabad

"sir plz completly guide me for entrance test"
Name: adnan
City, Country:pakistan lahore

"well! scoring marks as per hardwork is possible in federal board but so not always true in bise punjab because its syestem is not free of corruption,not that everyone takes position by corruption,they surely would have done hardwork but for cramming nd learning prepared notes and entry test is a way to know the real capability and it does justice in a true sense.position holders are not special to b exempted from entrance test.i myself am a position holder but couldnt get nice marks in entrance test doesnt mean that i would ask the syestem to consider me special(ridicolous)!so i would say other position holders to except the reality that they were not actually studing with clearing concepts."
Name: maryyum nasr
City, Country:gujrat,pakistan

"my 2nd result was quite shocking...i got 500 marks in 1st yr and just secured 948 score in 2nd yr...english paper was carelessly checked... essay and idioms were chemistry short questions were awarded with 1st yr marks in english were 92 and in 2nd yr, just re-checking they didnot even award me the marks of unmarked question...i have got 953 marks in entry test."
Name: zohaa qasim
City, Country:sheikhupura, pakistan


"I get 79% marks in fsc part 1 how many marks I should get in entrance test of UET? please answer must."
Name: Ommair ahmed
City, Country: Chakwal, Pakistan

"I got 892 marks in fsc. My father asked me to repeat subjects but i did not pay any attention towards it. I took admision in bsc and now i dont want to stay here. Pmc is my craze now but i cant do anything now. As i have wasted my time. I can't even repeat subjects now. Give me suggestion kya mai entry tst repeat kr lun kyu k subjcts repeat karny ka ab time nahi, or concentrate on my studies? "
Name: Hina haq
City, Country: Fsd, Pakistan

"A.a mein fsc mein top karna chata hun. Lakin pata ny kia ho ghia hai mujah parhna chor diya hai, mujah apna opar atmad ha ka agr mein mehnat karun ya ho sakta hai, ap mujah koi way batein jis sa mein apna ap ko behtar kar sakun.?"
Name: Asad hayat
City, Country: Layah, Pakistan

"Hi, I am a studnt of fsc part 2. I have 1016/1050. Mark in matric and 510/550. In fsc part 1. I personaly juged that fsc is not a easy class. The standard of sylabus is excelent. And mcat is based on fsc not on a level?"
Name: Muhammad usman
City, Country: Rajanpur

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'HEC has not cleared teachers of plagiarism'
Lahore: The Punjab University (PU) administration has contradicted a news report published in a section of the press that the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has cleared the teachers concerned from the allegation of plagiarism.

The PU spokesman clarified the names of the PU plagiarist teachers on Wednesday, who were sent on compulsory retirement after having blatant evidence of plagiarism against them. They were removed from the HEC website only because the HEC had put up those teachers' names on a blacklist of those who had committed plagiarism but had not punished by the competent authorities. Since they have already been punished by not being university teachers any more, then it is irrelevant to publish their names on the web site, he added.

The HEC website provides detailed information of the blacklisted teachers in its quality assurance option under the head of 'plagiarism' that could be visited by any internet user, he added.

The PU teachers were punished after thorough enquiries regarding plagiarism against them. With the backing of the Academic Staff Association (ASA), they denied the facts and were not ashamed for more than 90% of the stolen tests that have shambled the university's reputation.

HEC officers Hakim Ali Talpur and Sohail Naqvi deal with plagiarism cases and any query the teachers on their plagiarism. App

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Kinnaird students have special recognition
Lahore: The out going Principal of Kinnaird College, Dr Mira Phailbus, has said that Kinnaird College is one of the most prominent academic institutions of the South Asia. It has set a brilliant tradition in the educational history of the subcontinent and it can be hoped that new management of the college will continue its services for the promotion of quality education by maintaining higher standard of curricular and extra-curricular activities.

She expressed these views while addressing a fair-well ceremony, here on Wednesday. Bishop of Lahore Dr Alexander John Malik and new Principal of the college Dr Bernadette Luise Dean also spoke on the occasion. Dr Mira Phailbus said that she had the honour of being Principal of the college since 1972. The Kinnaird community is like family and its member maintain their cordial relations either as a student or ex-student of the institution, she said. This institution creates confidence among the students and they have got acknowledged their potential across the world, she added. She further stated that the academic staff of this institution had played a pivotal role in improving the teaching standard and this brilliant aspect was an identity of this academia. She hoped that teachers of this institution would maintain the standard of education by rendering dedicated services.

Addressing on this occasion, Bishop of Lahore Dr Alexander John Malik said that Dr Mira Phailbus had served in the college for a long time and college had made commendable progress under her dynamic leadership. She would be remembered as a dedicated educationist and as an experienced teacher, he stated. He said the new principal would have to follow the footsteps of Mira Phailbus to face the challenges of administrative affairs and continue journey towards new heights. The new principal of the college Dr Bernadette Luise Dean paid a rich tribute to outgoing principal and observed that students of this college would never forget Mira Phailbus as a kind and devoted educationist. She affirmed that she would try her best to maintain the repute and standard of the college.

In the end of the ceremony, out going Principal presented candles to the prominent academic and administrative staff as a good will gesture and asked them to keep the candle lit. The ceremony was attended by good number of girl students and staff members. The Nation

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